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The Wasp synth / synthesizer was designed by Chris Huggett (who also designed the excellent OSCar synth) and produced by the company Electronic Dream Plant (EDP) in the late 1970s and early 1980s. The Wasp is a dual oscillator monosynth with a rather unusual design. Rather than featuring an ordinary keyboard, to keep costs down, the Wasp has a touch sensitive membrane which can feel rather strange when playing one for the first time.

The sound of the Wasp synth was very far from a weak buzzy sound (though you could create such a sound if you wanted!), as it is capable of some very powerful bass. The Wasp filter is of a unique design and it is the unusual behaviour of the filter which helps create such a unique and fascinating sound. Although many uused the Wasp to create endless sound effects it is also highly capable of creating pounding basses and leads that will cut through any mix. Read more about the Wasp Synth



EDP Wasp Synthesizer Sample Collection (DVD)

EDP Wasp

Kontakt, EXS24 + WAV


Contains over 100 Wasp 24-Bit Sounds

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 Please Note:

 This collection is only available in Kontakt, EXS24 & Wav.


Our Wasp sample DVD collection includes over 100 multisampled patches across 5 octave, plus over 300 single shot samples. To create the collection we took nearly 8,000 individual samples.




Demo Tunes Using Our EDP Wasp Synth Sample Collection:


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Wasp Sample DVD Demo 1 - Remember this is a reduced quality MP3, in reality our samples are much, much better. This track uses lots of reverb but shows what can be done using the Apple EXS24 soft sampler and our sample collection (all instruments, except drums, are from our collection).


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Wasp Sample DVD Demo 2 - - Remember this is a reduced quiality MP3 file, so imagine how great this really sounds!
[Right click & "save link as" - all sounds, excluding kick, come from the Wasp sample disk. No outboard FX only eq & compression.]

Please Note: This demo track was created using only samples from our Yamaha TX802 Sample DVDs except for the drums. The tracks were treated with compression and EQ on the stereo buss plus reverb.


Included in our collection of sounds are just over 300 oneshot noise and effects, some of which have been looped to create a sci-fi soundscape. On the more conventional synth sounds of the Wasp we have sampled every semitone in order to capture the important differences in sound which help build the character of this "full of character" synth. As the EDP Wasp only covered two octaves we first sampled the two octaves at 32 feet and then switched to 16, 8, 4 then two to create a playable range of C1 to C6. That's five full octaves sampled at 24 bits using professional equipment with nothing added or taken away. We even avoided the common mistake of using compression in the signal path, you can easily add compression yourself if you think it is needed but we feel that it is best to capture the unique sounds of an instrument, even if that means that one semitone might be louder than the previous and subsequent semitones, after all, isn't that an important part of the specific sound of an instrument, we think so!