Yamaha FS1R Samples

Yamaha FS1R SynthesizerOne of Yamaha's most successful synthstheir DX7 synthesiser which had a 100% digital sound engine which they released in 1983. Instantly musicians wanted one of these as the DX7 produced a selection of superb electric piano tones and a huge collection of new and unique sounds. Yamaha released a huge number of variants (including endless numbers of home keyboards) which, in the main, featured 4 operators and while the DX7 and a few other synths featured 6 operators the stunning Yamaha FS1R offers 8 operators and a selection of additional features to make it the most complex, and beautiful sounding, FM (Frequency Modulatio) synthesiser that Yamaha ever produced. Read more about the Yamaha FS1R Synthesiser


Our FS1R Sample Collection

This sound module features a huge selection of sounds many of which are the same as those found on the DX7 and, although they sound vastly superior & noiseless (due to the impressive digital to analogue converters), we decided to sample only those sounds which are unique to this synth. This synth is a complex creature but it is basically an 8 operator FM synth which features a diverse range of the best FM patches available. A performance features four of these patches along with a superb sounding filter, formants and a comprehensive selection of quality effects. As all pro producers know sounds which rely too heavily upon onboard FX engines are incredibly difficult to place in a mix and will remove any FX to add their own so that the sounds sit perfectly. We have seen various complaints about the FS1R being difficult to place in a mix which we believe have been made by inexperienced producers. However, as always, we removed the onboard FX (mainly reverb and delays) before sampling the sounds.

To ensure that our collection offers the finest samples we sampled every note in a six octave range in 24-bit stereo wherever possible (patches are mono and performances are stereo). In total we took 51,895 samples to capture 241 voices/patches and 327 performances. The collection is stored on 13 DVDs and is a staggering 58.49 gigabytes in size. We understand that many musicians cannot afford to have huge amounts of storage on their computers so we created a 2 DVD collection of demos which is just over 8 gig. So you can audition some of the sounds in the collection with only 2 samples an octave but when you have chosen your prefered sound you will be able to load the full version which has every note sampled for a high fidelity sound.

A list of the sounds sampled can be found at the bottom of this page. Due to the enormity of the collection and the ridiculous amount of time it took to create the raw samples then compile the collection we have had to charge more for this samplepack however we believe there is no comparable FS1R sample collection available at this time.



Yamaha FS1R Synthesizer  

Kontakt, EXS24 + WAV

nearly 600 Yamaha FS1R sound patches at 24-Bit resolution

PRICE: £50.99

P&P: £9.99 (UK ONLY)

TOTAL: £60.98

Please Note:

This collection is only available in Kontakt, EXS24 & Wav.

Our sample DVD collection includes 568 multisampled patches for maximum authenticity. To create the 13 DVD collection we took 51,895 individual samples.


Demo Tunes Using Our Yamaha FS1R Sample Collection:

Coming Soon




FS1R Sounds Sampled

Below is a list of the FS1R sounds which we sampled. Unfortunately Yamaha chose to repeat many of their sounds in various banks so rather than havin multiple versions of the exact same sound (which we think would be a waste of time, effort and storage space) we did not sample the duplicates instead we listed directions to the sounds ie sample number and on which DVD it appears. On first glance our list may appear confusing but you will quickly understand our system when you receive the actual disks.



A001 Pf Ballad EP
A002 Pf Clavmann
A003 Pf Clavmann 2
A004 Pf Digi Clav
A005 Pf DX7Classic
A006 Pf Mtrial Pno
A007 Pf MtrialPno2
A008 Pf MtrialPno3
A009 Pf Real Rose
A010 Pf Rose Att
A011 Pf Rose Sft1
A012 Pf Rose Sft2
A013 Pf Suit Rose
A014 Pf Velvt Rose
A015 Pf 4 Op Clav
A016 Cp Da Comp
A017 Cp Synth Bell
A018 Cp Tabla
A019 Or B3JazzComp
A020 Or B3Perc3rd
A021 Or DrawOrgn
A022 Or DrawOrgn2
A023 Or DrawOrgn3
A024 Or Fs-Organ
A025 Or Full Drawb
A026 Or Ham Organ
A027 Or OR-Right
A028 Or Organ Fseq
A029 Or The Lounge
A030 Gt Jazz Gtr
A031 Gt Stratmann
A032 Ba Acid King
A033 Ba Ana Bass
A034 Ba AttackBass
A035 Ba B-Rave
A036 Ba Bassline 1
A037 Ba Bassline 2
A038 Ba BlegBass
A039 Ba DidgBass
A040 Ba Dry Syn
A041 Ba FM Bass
A042 Ba FundaBass
A043 Ba HyperFuzz
A044 Ba JungleBass
A045 Ba LoFiAcid
A046 Ba Matze
A047 Ba Moon Bass
A048 Ba Phone Bass
A049 Ba PlastBass
A050 Ba PunchBass
A051 Ba Syn Bass


A052 Ba Technical
A053 St FairyStrgs
A054 St JMichel
A055 St OB String
A056 St ResoStrgs
A057 St Saws
A058 St SloDu Saws
A059 St SS String
A060 St SS String2
A061 En HitMatrial
A062 Br ANSweep
A063 Br FS Brass
A064 Br Hook
A065 Br ObiehornL
A066 Br ObiehornR
A067 Br Quackz

A068 Br Stab

A069 Br Swell
A070 Pi Kuchibue
A071 Ld Dual Saws2
A072 Ld DualSquare
A073 Ld Earth Lead
A074 Ld Fetish
A075 Ld Glass Harp
A076 Ld Glider
A077 Ld Lead Saw
A078 Ld Mitosis
A079 Ld Retronic
A080 Ld Score Pad
A081 Ld Tech Lead
A082 Ld Trance Csm
A083 Ld Voc Lead
A084 Pd Add Pad
A085 Pd Beauty
A086 Pd Brassetra
A087 Pd CineSweep
A088 Pd Fat Pad
A089 Pd FormantPad
A090 Pd FormSweep1
A091 Pd FormSweep2
A092 Pd FormSweep3
A093 Pd FormSweep4
A094 Pd FS Moby II
A095 Pd Heimdal
A096 Pd LFO Pad
A097 Pd Moving
A098 Pd Nebulous
A099 Pd OBx Pad
A100 Pd OBx Pad2
A101 Pd Octavian
A102 Pd Paddy
A103 Pd Qwerty
A104 Pd Saws&Hold
A105 Pd Saws2
A106 Pd SleepyPad
A107 Pd Spacy Pad
A108 Pd Starship
A109 Pd SuperPad
A110 Pd SweepersVx
A111 Pd Tech Lead2
A112 Pd The Seeker

A113 Pd The Shadow
A114 Pd Thermal
A115 Pd VocPhaseA - NOISE ONLY
A116 Pd Win Pad
A117 Pd Wind
A118 Fx Caravan
A119 Fx DippeDut
A120 Fx Furry Bell
A121 Fx Glacial
A122 Fx Miracle
A123 Fx MizuGuitar
A124 Fx Morph
A125 Fx Nightmare
A126 Fx RhythmLoop
A127 Pd Sho
A128 Fx Spiral
B001 Et BagPipe
B002 Et BagPipe-dl
B003 Et Gamelan
B004 Et Gamelan2
B005 Et Mukkuri
B006 Et SuikinStr
B007 Et Thai Boxin
B008 Et ThumKalimb
B009 Pc Big-Gamlan
B010 Pc Eth-Drum1
B011 Pc Eth-Drum2
B012 Se Beep VoX
B013 Se Dark
B014 Se ForceField
B015 Se Ghost
B016 Se Ghost2
B017 Se Magic
B018 Se Night
B019 Se Open Fseq
B020 Se RadioNoise
B021 Se Reso
B022 Se Saucer
B023 Se Scaling
B024 Se Slow Atk
B025 Se SpaceBomb
B026 Se WalkinRobo
B027 Se Warp1
B028 Se Warp2
B029 Dr 09 OpenHat
B030 Dr 09ClHatBel
B031 Dr Beat BD
B032 Dr Beat Cym
B033 Dr Beat SD
B034 Dr Beat Zap
B035 Dr Boom
B036 Dr Choos
B037 Dr ClosedHat1
B038 Dr ClosedHat2
B039 Dr DanceKick
B040 Dr FS-Kick1
B041 Dr FS-Kick2
B042 Dr FS-Kick3
B043 Dr Hatty
B044 Dr Hihat
B045 Dr Nu Kick 1
B046 Dr Nu Kick 2
B047 Dr Nu Kick 3
B048 Dr Nu Snare 1
B049 Dr Nu Snare 2
B050 Dr Nu Snare 3
B051 Dr Open Hat 1
B052 Dr Open Hat 2
B053 Dr PowerKick
B054 Dr Snare
B055 Dr Tchak
B056 Dr Tech BD
B057 Dr Tech HH
B058 Dr Tech Rim
B059 Dr Tech SD
B060 Dr TR Kick
B061 Dr TR Snare
B062 Sc DigiSQ1R
B063 Sc DigiSQ3
B064 Sc DogBytes
B065 Sc Fast&Cheap
B066 Sc Fmt-Pluck
B067 Sc FunKey
B068 Sc Funky Tech
B069 Sc Fusion
B070 Sc Metallic
B071 Sc NoiseDecay
B072 Sc Raymond
B073 Sc SawSaw
B074 Sc Snow Decay
B075 Sc Snow Pixy
B076 Sc Spellbound
B077 Sc Syncorgano
B078 Sc Thin Mini
B079 Sc VeloSweep
B080 Sc Vox Tron
B081 Sc Zansyo
B082 Sc Zapper
B083 Vo Celebratn
B084 Vo Eh Human
B085 Vo FairyVoice
B086 Vo FormSweep
B087 Vo FS-Choir
B088 Vo FS-Sweep
B089 Vo Homy
B090 Vo Human
B091 Vo Ih Human

B092 Vo Man_Eh
B093 Vo NoisyVce
B094 Vo Oh Human
B095 Vo Shaman Woo
B096 Vo Spacy Aaah
B097 Vo Spacy FX
B098 Vo SpacySweep
B099 Vo SweepyVce
B100 Vo VocoSweep
B101 Vo VocPhaseB
B102 Sq AN Arp 1
B103 Sq AN Arp 2
B104 Sq Compu Saw
B105 Sq DigiSQ1
B106 Sq DigiSQ2
B107 Sq Drw-EuroDr
B108 Sq Hard Pulse
B109 Sq Harry
B110 Sq New Key
B111 Sq Power Key
B112 Sq RythmLoop2
B113 Sq Saw Pad
B114 Sq TekBass

AS ALL ARE FseqBase SOUNDS (which are only of use from within the unit- like templates consisting of noise)



DVD 4 Performances DVD 5 Performances DVD 6 Performances DVD 7 PERFORMANCES

001 Teck Hook Ld
002 Yes No Se
003 SEE 003 DVD 11
004 SEE 004 DVD 11
005 Bleep Co
006 B-Rave Ba
007 Earth Lead Ld
008 Ensemble St
009 Full B3 Or
010 Nebulous Pd
011 VocoTouch Vo
012 Bassline 1 Ba
013 Nu Suitcase Pf
014 StabbaBabb Br
015 Dark Se
016 Dog Bytes Sq
017 FundaBass Ba
018 Magic Laugh Se
019 Breathy 5th Vo
020 Velvet Dyno Pf
021 Syncorgano Ld
034 HyperFuzz Ba
035 Sho Fx



022 Acid King Ba
023 Taxi Brass Br
024 Moby II Pd
025 Nightmare Fx
026 Zansyo Sc
027 Homy Vo
028 Optical Ba
029 Digi Clav Pf
030 Relaxxx Co
031 B3 Jazz Comp Or
032 TekkSet Dr
033 Strobe Ba
034 SEE 034 ON DVD 4
035 SEE 035 ON DVD 4
036 Kalimba Et
037 DX-Soft Br
038 Technical Ba
039 Obie Strings St
040 Caravan Fx
041 Brassetra Br
042 Snow Decay Sc
043 Bots Fx
044 Plastic Bass Ba
045 Full Tines Pf
046 Pompeii Pd
047 To Warp Se
048 BoomTchak Dr
049 Compu Saw Ba
050 Dirt Vocoder Vo
051 Lightyears Vo
052 Nu Skool Ld
053 EtherGuitar Gt
054 Bassline 2 Ba
055 Blazin' Jim Or
056 Shaman Vo
057 Emperor II Pd
058 Da Comp Sc
059 Starship Pd

060 Jungle Bass Ba
061 Vulcan Sc
062 Sand Voice Vo
063 Hollywood Co
064 Drum Kit 1 Dr
065 Fifths Sc
066 Sweepers Ld
067 Miracle Fx
068 Platipus Ld
069 Backin Organ Or
070 LoFi Acid Ba
071 Zap ! Se
072 JMichel St
073 Stab Br
074 Legend Vibe Cp
075 Vox Move Vo
076 Digital Ba
077 Siam Prayer Et
078 Mysterians Fx
079 Venus Co
080 Drum Kit 2 Dr
081 Lead Horn Br
082 Mouth Pop J
083 Hard String Gt
084 Baroque Ld
085 Swarm Co
086 Mitosis Ld
087 Moving Fx
088 Wind Pad Pd
089 DistFeedback Gt
090 EP Soft Pf
091 Shooby Do Vo
092 Furry Bell Fx
093 Spiral Se
094 ChurchOrgan Or
095 Accordion Or
096 Drum Kit 3 Dr
097 CP Hard Pf

098 Warm Galaxy Pd
099 Superarp Sq
100 Fetish Ld
101 B3 Perc 3rd Or
102 Funky Tech Sc
103 Fat Line Sq
104 Can You Give Vo
105 Snow Pixy Sc
106 Earth Wind Pd
107 Prophet F Fx
108 Obi Hornz Br
109 Tremolo Pf
110 Open Se
111 Elise Pd
112 Drum Kit 9o9 Dr
113 Matze Ba
114 Strat 7II Gt
115 Morph Fx
116 Hollow Ld
117 Heimdal Pd
118 Zapper Sc
119 LS Night Or
120 Spacious St
121 Perc Arp Sq
122 Spellbound Sc
123 Trance Cosmo Ld
124 Moon Bass Ba
125 Manhattan Sc
126 Angel Bells Pd
127 Far West Cp
128 Spacy Aaah Vo
A001 SEE 071 ON DVD 6
A002 SEE 056 ON DVD 5
A003 SEE 025 ON DVD 5
A004 SEE 022 ON DVD 5
A005 SEE 042 ON DVD 5
A006 SEE 063 ON DVD 6
A007 SEE 002 ON DVD 4
A008 SEE 100 ON DVD 7
A009 SEE 068 ON DVD 6
A010 SEE 043 ON DVD 5
A011 SEE 035 ON DVD 4
A012 SEE 038 ON DVD 5
A013 SEE 050 ON DVD 5
A014 SEE 027 ON DVD 5
A015 BeatBox Dr
A016 SEE 018 ON DVD 4
A017 SEE 011 ON DVD 4
A018 The Seeker Vo
A019 Can You Give Vo
A020 Vox Morph Vo
A021 Vox Phase Vo
A022 F-Sweep Vo



A023 The Vocoder Vo
A024 SEE 062 ON DVD 6
A025 Everybody Vo
A026 SEE 034 ON DVD 5
A027 Dist Mini Ba
A028 SEE 033 ON DVD 5
A029 SEE 076 ON DVD 6
A030 Power Key Ba
A031 124 ON DVD 7
A032 SEE 070 ON DVD 6
A033 Funk Bass Ba
A034 113 ON DVD 7
A035 Glass Harp Ld
A036 SEE 066 ON DVD 6
A037 SEE 052 ON DVD 5
A038 SEE 021 ON DVD 4
A039 SEE 086 ON DVD 6
A040 SEE 123 ON DVD 7
A041 Glider Ld
A042 Night Se
A043 SEE 047 ON DVD 5
A044 Space Bomb Se
A045 SEE 110 ON DVD 7
A046 SEE 015 ON DVD 5
A047 Walking Robo Se
A048 Scaling Se
A049 Ghost Se
A050 Saucer Se
A051 Force Field Se
A052 Radio MW Se
A053 4-3-2-1 Se
A054 Slow Attack Se
A055 SEE 093 ON DVD 6
A056 SEE 115 ON DVD 7
A057 SEE 087 ON DVD 6
A058 SEE 107 ON DVD 7
A059 SEE 040 ON DVD 5
A060 FormantSweep Fx
A061 SEE 078 ON DVD 6
A062 DippeDut Fx
A063 Glacial Fx
A064 Mizu Guitar Fx
A065 Pure Fx
A066 SEE 092 ON DVD 6
A067 Replicant Fx
A068 SEE 067 ON DVD 6
A069 SEE 085 ON DVD 6
A070 SEE 079 ON DVD 7
A071 SEE 030 ON DVD 5
A072 SEE 082 ON DVD 6
A073 R.P.M. Co
A074 Solstice Co
A075 SEE 005 ON DVD 4
A076 SEE 059 ON DVD 5
A077 SuperPad Pd
A078 SEE 024 ON DVD 5
A079 Spacy Pad Pd
A080 SEE 046 ON DVD 5
A081 The Shadow Pd
A082 SEE 106 ON DVD 7
A083 SEE 010 ON DVD 4
A084 CineSweep Pd
A085 Qwerty Pd
A086 SEE 098 ON DVD 7
A087 Octavian Pd
A088 SEE 103 ON DVD 7


A089 Metallic Sq
A090 SEE 099 ON DVD 7
A091 Noble Metal Sq
A092 SEE 121 ON DVD 7
A093 SEE 016 ON DVD 4
A094 Iron Man Sq
A095 SEE B108 ON DVD 4
A096 SEE 026 ON DVD 5
A097 SEE 058 ON DVD 5
A098 SEE 105 ON DVD 7
A099 Fusion Sc
A100 Funk Sc
A101 SEE 125 ON DVD 7
A102 SEE 065 ON DVD 6
A103 SEE 061 ON DVD 6
A104 Fluffy Sc
A105 SEE 122 ON DVD 7
A106 VeloSweep Sc
A107 Raymond Sc
A108 SEE 118 ON DVD 7
A109 Harry Sc
A110 Fast&Cheap Sc
A111 SEE 102 ON DVD 7
A112 Pluck Glass Sc
A113 Komodo Sc
A114 Suikinkutsu Et
A115 Gamelan Et
A116 Thai Boxing Et
A117 SEE 077 ON DVD 6
A118 EthnicPercs Et
A119 Mukkuri Et
A120 SEE 036 ON DVD 5
A121 SEE 064 ON DVD 6
A122 SEE 080 ON DVD 6
A123 SEE 096 ON DVD 6
A124 SEE 112 ON DVD 7
A125 TechBeat Dr
A126 SEE 048 ON DVD 5
A127 TechKicks Dr
A128 SEE 032 ON DVD 5
B001 Sweepy Voice Vo
B002 SEE 019 ON DVD 4
B003 SEE 051 ON DVD 5
B004 SEE 075 ON DVD 6
B005 Vox Tron Vo
B006 SEE 128 ON DVD 7
B007 Celebration Vo
B008 SEE 003 ON DVD 11
B009 Human Woo Vo
B010 Human Ih Vo
B011 Human Eh Vo
B012 Human Oh Vo
B013 SEE 091 ON DVD 6
B014 SEE 045 ON DVD 5
B015 DX Original Pf
B016 Dyno Rose Pf
B017 EP 1980 Pf
B018 Crystal Rose Pf
B019 DX Phase Pf
B020 DX Classic Pf



B021 EP Reece Pf
B022 SEE 013 ON DVD 4
B023 SEE 004 ON DVD 11
B024 SEE 020 ON DVD 4
B025 SEE 109 ON DVD 7
B026 SEE 090 ON DVD 6
B027 Wurli Dirty Pf
B028 Wurli Clean Pf SEE B028 ON DVD 13
B029 SEE 097 ON DVD 6
B030 UprightPiano
B031 Clavmann Pf
B032 BryteClavman Pf
B033 Fat Clavmann Pf
B034 SEE 029 ON DVD 5
B035 Thin Clav Pf
B036 SEE 028 ON DVD 5
B037 SEE 017 ON DVD 4
B038 SEE 006 ON DVD 4
B039 Square Bass Ba
B040 Ethno Bass Ba
B041 SEE 012 ON DVD 4
B042 SEE 054 ON DVD 5
B043 JungleBass Ba
B044 SEE 044 ON DVD 5
B045 Punch Bass Ba
B046 SEE 049 ON DVD 5
B047 Dry Syn Ba
B048 SEE 007 ON DVD 4
B049 SEE 116 ON DVD 7
B050 Samplon Ld
B051 Noodles Ld
B052 BigAssSynth Ld
B053 SEE 001 ON DVD 4
B054 Sunhead Ld
B055 Moonweed Ld
B056 Tech Lead Ld
B057 Retronic Ld
B058 Formo Whistl Ld
B059 SEE 084 ON DVD 6
B060 SEE 009 ON DVD 4
B061 SEE 031 ON DVD 5
B062 SEE 101 ON DVD 7
B063 J.Road Or
B064 Disto-Jam Or
B065 Perc Organ Or
B066 Dirty Organ Or
B067 ByonOrgan Or
B068 SEE 055 ON DVD 5
B069 SEE 069 ON DVD 6
B070 SEE 119 ON DVD 7
B071 Fat organ Or
B072 70s Organ Or
B073 Jazz Organ Or
B074 Full Organ Or
B075 SEE B075 ON DVD 11
B076 SEE 094 ON DVD 6
B077 SEE 083 ON DVD 6
B078 DX Jazz Gt
B079 SEE 053 ON DVD 5
B080 SEE 089 ON DVD 6
B081 SEE 114 ON DVD 7
B082 SEE 023 ON DVD 5
B083 BrightFilter Br
B084 SEE 081 ON DVD 6

003 Choir Vo
004 EP Wide Pf
B075 The Lounge Or
B085 Bright Br
B086 SEE 037 ON DVD 5
B087 SEE 041 ON DVD 5
B088 Oberhorn Br
B089 Obi Brass Br
B090 SEE 108 ON DVD 7
B091 Swell Br
B092 SEE 073 ON DVD 6
B093 Quackz Br
B094 SEE 014 ON DVD 4
B095 Fanfare Br
B096 SEE 088 ON DVD 6
B097 Dark Pad Pd
B098 Thermal Pd
B099 Spacewind Pd
B100 SEE 111 ON DVD 7
B101 OB Pad Pd
B102 Reflection Pd
B103 SEE 057 ON DVD 5
B104 Fat Pad Pd
B105 Polar Pd
B106 Sky Bells Pd
B107 SEE 117 ON DVD 7
B108 Ice Score Pd
B109 Solair Pd
B110 SEE 126 ON DVD 7
B111 Vesuvius Pd
B112 Space Harp Pd
B113 Ministry Pd
B114 SEE 008 ON DVD 4
B115 SEE 039 ON DVD 5
B116 SEE 072 ON DVD 6
B117 Mild St
B118 SEE 120 ON DVD 7
B119 Oktavstrgs St
B120 Hit En
B121 SEE 095 ON DVD 6
B122 Sitar Et
B123 Bag Pipe Et
B124 Alloy Cp
B125 Tubular Cp
B126 SEE 127 ON DVD 7
B127 Small Bell Cp
B128 SEE 074 ON DVD 6
C001 SEE B030 ON DVD 10HS
C002 FM Piano Pf
C003 SEE 004 ON DVD 4
C004 SEE 097 ON DVD 6
C005 SEE 020 ON DVD 4
C006 Clear EP Pf
C007 DX Harpscd Pf
C008 SEE 029 ON DVD 5
C009 5th Piano Pf


C010 Glocken Cp
C011 MusicBox Cp
C012 SEE 074 ON DVD 6
C013 Marimba Cp
C014 Xylophon Cp
C015 TubulBel Cp
C016 Dulcimer Cp
C017 SEE 101 ON DVD 7
C018 SEE 031 ON DVD 5
C019 Old Rotary Or
C020 SEE B074
C021 Dist Organ Or
C022 SEE 095 ON DVD 6
C023 Chorus Harp Or
C024 SEE 094 ON DVD 6
C025 Nylon Guitar Gt
C026 Steel Guitar Gt
C027 Jazz Guitar Gt
C028 Clean Guitar Gt
C029 Mute Guitar Gt
C030 SEE 089 ON DVD 6
C031 Dist Guitar Gt
C032 SEE B045 ON DVD
C033 Aco Bass Ba
C034 SEE 044 ON DVD 5
C035 FM Slap Ba
C036 Fretless Ba
C037 Pick Bass Ba
C038 FM Slap 2 Ba
C039 SEE 012 ON DVD 4
C040 SEE 049 ON DVD 5
C041 SEE 033 ON DVD 5
C042 SEE 022 ON DVD 5
C043 Power Key Ba
C044 5th Funk Ba
C045 DX Solo Str St
C046 Tremolo Str St
C047 FM Pizz St
C048 FM Harp St
C049 SEE 120 ON DVD 7
C050 FM Strings En
C051 SEE 072 ON DVD 6
C052 SEE 008 ON DVD 4
C053 SEE A020 ON DVD 7
C054 SEE B004 ON DVD 9
C055 SEE A021 ON DVD 7
C056 SEE B120
C057 FM Solo Tp Br
C058 SEE B095
C059 SEE 037 ON DVD 5
C060 SEE 081 ON DVD 6
C061 Fr.Horn Br
C062 FM Section Br
C063 SEE B085
C064 SEE 014 ON DVD 4
C065 FM Lead Sax Rd

B028 Wurli Clean Pf
C066 FM Dbl Reed Rd
C067 Dark Clar Rd
C068 SEE B055
C069 SEE 116 ON DVD 7
C070 SEE B056
C071 SEE B057
C072 SEE 034 ON DVD 4
C073 FM Piccolo Pi
C074 FM Flute Pi
C075 RecoBell Pi
C076 FM PanFlute Pi
C077 FM Bottle Pi
C078 Heavy Pipe Pi
C079 Whistle Pi
C080 Ocarina Pi
C081 SEE 007 ON DVD 4
C082 SEE 068 ON DVD 6
C083 FM Lead Ld
C084 FM Lead 2 Ld
C085 FM Lead 3 Ld
C086 FM Lead 4 Ld
C087 SEE B054
C088 SEE 001 ON DVD 4
C089 SEE B112
C090 SEE B104
C091 SEE B098
C092 SEE 010 ON DVD 4
C093 SEE A085 ON DVD 8
C094 FM Pad Pd
C095 SEE A079 ON DVD 8
C096 SEE B099
C097 Rain Sc
C098 SEE 065 ON DVD 6
C099 Crystal Sc
C100 Atmospher Sc
C101 Bright Ens Pd
C102 Goblins Sc
C103 SEE A109 ON DVD 9
C104 Sci-Fi Sc
C105 Sitar 2 Et
C106 SEE A114 ON DVD 9
C107 SEE A119 ON DVD 9
C108 SEE 036 ON DVD 5
C109 Kalimba 2 Et
C110 SEE B123
C111 Fiddle Et
C112 Shanai Et
C113 TnklBell Pc
C114 Agogo Pc
C115 SteelDrm Pc
C116 WoodBlok Pc
C117 TaikoDrm Pc
C118 SEE 063 ON DVD 6
C119 SEE 005 ON DVD 4
C120 SEE A053 ON DVD 8
C121 SEE A062 ON DVD 8
C122 SEE A063 ON DVD 8
C123 Ice Fx
C124 Angle Fx
C125 SEE 091 ON DVD 6
C126 SEE A025 ON DVD 8
C127 Vox Move 2 Vo
C128 SEE 080 ON DVD 6