KorgKorg is a japanese company which started out manufacturing organs, the namee comes from the first letters of the founders names (Kato and Osanai) plus the RG of the word organ. In 1974, in an effort to diversify in the face of strong foreign competition in the organ market, korg released their first synthesizer, the 700S commonly refffred to as the miniKorg. At that time synthesisers were immensely expensive instruments , the monophonic Minimoog cost over £1,000, but the Korg 700S was very affordable at less than £500. Of course the 700S was nowhere near as fat a sound (it was a two oscillator monosynth) the three oscillator Minimoog but it proved highly playable and capable of producing a wide range of timbres.

As well as producing budget (cheap) synths Korg also produced the complex PS range which included the rare and expensive (at £4,995.00) polyphonic, three oscillator, patchable PS3300 and the more reasonable (at £2,500.00) two oscillator polyphonic PS3200. In 1978 Korg produced their wonderful MS range which included the amazing single oscillator, monophonic, MS10 and the dual oscillator monophonic MS-20. These were interesting synthesisers in that they were hard-wired but included a useful patchbay which, although basic, offered semi-modular facilities not usually seen in budger synths.

In the 1980's Korg produced various polyphonic synthesisers including the Trident, Poly Six, Poly 61 and the unusual Poly-800 (which was paraphonic, meaning that it had only one filter). In 1982 they released the unique Korg MonoPoly which could be set-up as a four oscillator mono synth or a four note polyphonic synth using one oscillator per voice. All of the synthesisers mentioned are still used professionally today and the prices of these machines seems to be continually increasing. Although, excelpt for the PS3300, these keyboards sold well the market was still in its infancy and was therefore rather small.

In 1988 Korg produced their first major success, the M1 workstation which sold over a quarter of a million units and was the first workstation ever produced. Right up to the present day Korg continue to introduce new synthesisers but for a more comprehensive list of synths they manufactured visit http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Korg_products


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