Akai AX-73 Samples

Akai AX-73 SynthThe Akai AX-73uses the famous Curtis CEM 3394 chips which incorporate a voltage controlled oscillator (VCO), a voltage controlled, resonant 24db/octave lowpass filter (VCF) and a voltage controlled amplifier (VCA). The AX-73 uses six of these chips, which were also used in some Sequential Circuits synths, one for each voice for six voice polyphony. Read more about the Akai AX-73

Akai AX-73 Samples

If you are thinking about buying yourself an Akai AX-73synthesizer our sample collection below will give you an idea of the capabilities of the synthesizer. We have taken over 8,500 samples of this wonderful synth so that each of the 100 different sounds/instruments/patches we sampled are accurately reproduced in 24-bit audio to capture the "sould" of the synth. As all synths have their limitations we decided that a simple Kontakt interface would be helpful (pictured below) and so we created some patches using the interface which are included with this collection.AKAI AX-73 Kontakt Interface
















Included in the AKAI AX73 sample collection:

  • Over 100 AKAI AX-73 patches sampled available as Kontakt 2 instruments.
  • Over 100 AKAI AX-73 patches sampled available with Kontakt 5.5 interface (above).
  • Nearly 150 extra Kontakt 5 patches created using Kontakt 5 engine and earlier version of our interface.
  • 101 additional patches created using our interface.
  • Free copy of our Ensoniq SQ-1 PLUS sample collection


    Akai AX-73 SAMPLE PACK

      Akai AX-73  

    Kontakt, EXS24 + WAV


    Contains 100 Akai AX-73 sound patches at 24-Bit

    PRICE: £17.77

    P&P: £1.99 (UK ONLY)

    TOTAL: £19.76

      This collection now includes a free copy of our Ensoniq SQ-1 PLUS Collection of samples



    Please Note:

    This collection is only available in Kontakt, EXS24 & Wav.


    Our sample DVD collection includes 100 patches multisampled to cover a range of 6 octaves. To create the 2 DVD collection we took over 8,500 individual samples.


    Demo Tunes Using Our Akai AX-73 Sample Collection:


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    Akai AX-73 Sample DVD Demo 1- Sorry, a rather cheesy and repetitive tune knocked together in Logic using our sample DVD for all sounds except the drums

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    Akai AX-73 Sample DVD Demo 2- You should recognise this tune and, again, only sounds from our sample collection were used except for the drums. Some of the synth sounds use a touch of reverb otherwise we just placed compression and EQ on the stereo buss and hit record. On listening to it when putting it onto this page I wish that, maybe, I had increased the volume on some of the leads in this track so that they stood out better but, as it stands, you should get a hint of what the samples are capable of.

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    Akai AX-73 Sample DVD Demo 3- Another track which should be recogniseable using only sounds from our sample collection (again except for the drums). This track is interesting as the only treatment this was given was some compression and EQ on the final stereo output. Apologies but this is not mixed brilliantly, we just imported the midifile into Logic assigned our sample, placed the compression and EQ plugins on the stereo buss and hit record so there are parts which are not as good as we would like.


    Please Note: All the demo tracks above were created using only samples from our Akai AX-73 Sample DVDs except for the drum. The tracks were treated with compression and EQ on the stereo buss and one or two tracks used a small amount of reverb, but other than that the tracks are all AX-73. The tunes were created only to demostrate the samples in context rather than being designed to be musical masterpieces. We are therefore confident that much superior tunes can be created from our collection by our customers.