Akai Professional

Akai ProfessionalAkai Professional became part of the electronic music industry in 1984 and quickly became popular for their incredible musical instruments.

While most people will associate Akai Pro with their range of digital audio sampler products such as their popular MPC sequencing samplers, when they first started out in the industry they did produce some rather impressive synthesizers.


Although Akai Professional synthesizers did not achieve the profound popularity, and almost cult-like status, of some of their competitors synths, they managed to produce a range of respectable musical instruments which brought an interesting and different sound into the arena of electronic music. Unfortunately their synths did not compare well to the likes of Roland's flagship Jupiter range and failed to produce sounds more powerful than Moogs they could be said to be comparable to a few of the budget synthesizers from the likes of Roland and Korg. While it is unfair to draw direct comparisons (as all synths have a different sound and differing sound creation capabilities) their AX range of synths have been compared to the likes of the Roland Junos and the Korg Polysix.

Interestingly their AX-73 featured an impressive 73 note keyboard with various facilities which made it extremely useful as a controller keyboard but this fascinating synthesizer also features a preparatory input which allows some of their early samplers, such as the Akai S900, to be played through the synths filter and effects. The addition of the analogue filter of the AX-73 to a digital sampler helped sweeten the sound considerably but the synth engine of the AX-73 utilised voltage controlled oscillators (the "Holy Grail" for many synthesizer enthusiasts. You can read more about this synth on our dedicated review of the Akai AX-73 or you can take a look at the page mentioned below which features our extensive collection sample collection available to buy online.


The Akai Pro synthesizers which we have sampled and currently have available to purchase are as follows:

Akai AX-73 Synthesizer Sample DVDs

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The Akai AX-73 Synthesizer