Novation Super Bass Station

Novation Super Bass StationThe Novation Super Bass Station is an updated/upgraded version of the Novation Bass Station rack mounted synthesizer.



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More About The Novation Super Bass Station

Today all versions of the Novation Bass Station remain as popular as ever with a very strong showing on eBay, Gumtree and other such sites. The current eBay price for the Super Bass Station seems to be £200 +/- £25 (July 2012) with the keyboard a little more and the original Bass Station rack a little less. When we decided we were going to sample the Bass Station we decided that it would be much, much better to buy the "Super" version because the added features are worth so much more than the difference in price between the two, however that meant we had to wait a while for an affordable one to pop up on eBay. When we actually heard one in action we started watching for another, so now we have two.

So all versions have two oscillators and two envelopes but the "Super" version has dedicated knobs for the filter envelope. Other additions include another LFO, a sub-oscillator which plays an octave below osc 1, an arpeggiator, clock out and CV/Gate in/out. Also it features an external input which routes the signal through the filter and effects, one of the reasons we chose to have 2 (so we can process stereo signals).

While I have seen references to the synth having "Wasp" filters and even though Chris Hugget helped in the design, we feel that the filter sounds pretty close to those found on old Roland mono synths. If you use only one oscillator and the sub you can easily emulate the likes of the Roland SH09 with some accuracy.


Super Bass Station Specifications

In addition to the specifications laid out below the Super Bass Station has CV/GATE in/out; Arpeggio clock out and an external input.

  • Polyphony: Monophonic (1 note at a time)
  • Oscillators: 2 main analogue oscillators (DCO), 1 sub-osc and a noise generator.
  • Osc Waveforms: Pulse and sawtooth waveforms on the two main oscillators with the sub-oscillator is a divided down square wave. The main oscillators feature PWM, noise
  • LFO: 2 LFOs with sawtooth, triangle and random waveforms.
  • Filter: 12/24dB/oct low pass filter with resonance and its own dedicated ADSR envelope generator.
  • Effects: ring modulator, chorus and distortion
  • Control: Midi (all controllers send midi data).
  • Manufactured 1997


Super Bass Station Notes

One slightly annoying aspect of this synth is that although the external input is routed through the filter and effects you must ensure that the signal is input at a high level. Although it is called a Bass Station this synth is capable of far more than this basic task and, to be truthful, there are other synths available with much more bass end for around the same price. However the number of knobs, which send midi data, on this thing make editing a breeze.


Super Bass Station Famous Users

The following artists are all known to have used this synth: Biosphere, Massive Attack, Nine Inch Nails, William Ørbit, Orbital, Out of Logic, Underworld and Josh Wink.



Novation Super Bass Station SAMPLE PACK

  Novation Super Bass Station

Kontakt, EXS24 + WAV



Contains 100+ Super B.S sound patches at 24-Bit

PRICE: £17.77

P&P: £1.99 (UK ONLY)

TOTAL: £19.76


Our sample DVD collection includes all of the 50 preset patches (plus 62 other patches) all multisampled for maximum authenticity. To create the 2 DVD collection we took over 13,000 individual samples.

For demo tunes please see our page about our Novation Super Bass Station Sample Collection