Roland JP-8080 / JP-8000 Samples

Roland JP-8000 keyboardRoland are renowned for their vintage analogue classics but rather than release a modern analogue Jupiter 8 they invested their research into virtual analogue (VA). The JP-8000 (Jupiter 8000?) was met with some critisism from analogue fans but it was much loved by dance artists. With the release of the rackmount/desktop version, the JP-8080, the dance fraternity quickly found themselves a "future classic" and it soon appeared on a number of club hits. Read more about the Roland JP-8000 & JP-8080

Roland JP-8080We now have two huge sample packs available for this amazing instrument. Firstly we have the preset patches of the JP-8080 which cover virtually all virtual analogue areas. Secondly, as this unit is best known for its comprehensive use in the electronic dance music (EDM) genre we have some of the most well-known soundsets sampled including the highly respected sets from and the amazing Jay B Soundset and plenty of "techno" sounds from Roland's programmers. Of course both sample collections can be used in virtually any genre of music.



Sample Collection 1

Roland JP-8080 / JP-8000 SAMPLE PACK 1

Demo Tunes Using Our JP-8080 Sample Collection 1

List Of Patches Sampled In Sample Collection 1


Sample Collection 2

Roland JP-8080 / JP-8000 SAMPLE PACK 2

Demo Tunes Using Our JP-8080 Sample Collection 2

List Of Patches Sampled In Sample Collection 2


Sample Collection 1

Roland JP-8080 / JP-8000 SAMPLE PACK 1

Roland JP-8080  

Kontakt, EXS24 + WAV


Contains nearly 400 JP-8080 / JP-8000 sound patches at 24-Bit

PRICE: £27.77

P&P: £2.99 (UK ONLY)

TOTAL: £30.76

Please Note:

You must ensure that you have selected the sampler you use in the drop down list above

Our sample DVD collection includes all of the 6 banks of 64 preset patches multisampled to cover a range of atleast 5 octaves. To create the 6 DVD collection we took over 24,000 samples for nearly 400 Roland JP-8000/8080 patches.



Demo Tunes Using Our JP-8080 Sample Collection 1:

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Roland JP-8080/8000 Sample set 1 DVD Demo 1- Remember this is a reduced quality MP3 file, so imagine how much better the sounds are at the full 24-bits uncompressed (some formats are compressed by default)! [Right click & "save link as" - all sounds, excluding drums(ultrabeat), come from the JP-8080/8000 sample disk. The demo was recorded in Logic using the inbuilt EXS24 sampler and was mixed using compression, eq and reverb.

Sample Collection 2

Roland JP-8080 Vengeance Dance SAMPLE PACK 2

Roland Jp-8080  

Kontakt, EXS24 + WAV

Contains over 400 sound patches at 24-Bit, including the full set of patches from Vengeance

PRICE: £44.99

P&P: £9.99 (UK ONLY)

TOTAL: £54.98

Please Note:

This collection is only available in Kontakt, EXS24 & Wav.

Our sample second DVD collection includes 6 banks of patches (plus an extra half of a bank) all of which are multisampled. To create the 10 DVD collection we took nearly 50,000 samples for over 400 Roland JP-8000/8080 patches, including Vengeance 1, 2 & 3, the excellent bank of Jay B sounds together with more than a bank of techno sounds programmed by Roland.



Demo Tunes Using OurJP-8080 Sample Collection 2 (Dance):

Remember these are reduced quality MP3s, so imagine how much better the sounds are at the full 24-bits uncompressed (some formats are compressed by default)! [Right click & "save link as" - all sounds, excluding drums(ultrabeat), come from the JP-8080/8000 sample disk. The demo was recorded in Logic using the inbuilt EXS24 sampler and was mixed using only compression & Eq on the stereo bus.


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Roland JP-8080/8000 Sample set 2 DVD Demo 1 - Each bar features a different patch.


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Roland JP-8080/8000 Sample set 2 DVD Demo 2 - Each bar features a different patch.


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Roland JP-8080/8000 Sample set 2 DVD Demo 3 - Each bar features a different patch.


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Roland JP-8080/8000 Sample set 2 DVD Demo 4- Each bar features a different patch.


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Roland JP-8080/8000 Sample set 2 DVD Demo 5- Each bar features a different patch.

Patch List / Patches Sampled

Sample Collection 1 Patch List (Patches Sampled)

P1 A11 Spit'n Slide Bs
P1 A12 Velo Decay Bass
P1 A13 Wall Bob
P1 A14 Juno Sub Bass
P1 A15 Subsonic Bass
P1 A16 Big & Dark
P1 A17 Bass Flow
P1 A18 Juno Bass Vel
P1 A21 Dubb Bass
P1 A22 Juice Bass
P1 A23 Dreams Are Made
P1 A24 Reso Bass Line
P1 A25 Bass Pedals
P1 A26 Hard Core Bass
P1 A27 MC-202 Bass
P1 A28 Rubber SH-2
P1 A31 Raging Bass
P1 A32 Blipper Bass
P1 A33 JP-303
P1 A34 Rave Time
P1 A35 Fretless Bass
P1 A36 Digi Strat
P1 A37 Fire Wire
P1 A38 Proflike Clavit
P1 A41 Withmod Comp
P1 A42 Juno Clav
P1 A43 Gritty Power
P1 A44 Separate ways
P1 A45 For RPS
P1 A46 Bread'n Butter
P1 A47 Silk 5ths
P1 A48 Ancient Asia
P1 A51 Intervalic
P1 A52 Squared Away
P1 A53 Velo Syncoid
P1 A54 Resonance Chord
P1 A55 Resorelease
P1 A56 Waspy Synth
P1 A57 Euro SAW
P1 A58 Dance Sweep
P1 A61 Trance Food
P1 A62 One Shot Reso
P1 A63 The Fat Guy
P1 A64 Spit Brass
P1 A65 Poly Sync
P1 A66 Rave 5th
P1 A67 UK Shorty
P1 A68 Old Rhodes
P1 A71 Wurly Piano 1
P1 A72 Wurly Piano 2
P1 A73 Moody Organ
P1 A74 Org/Rotary>Ribon
P1 A75 VK09 PercEchoes
P1 A76 Sine Lead
P1 A77 Wichita Lead
P1 A78 Creamy
P1 A81 Smoothy
P1 A82 Soaring Mini
P1 A83 Ribn F/B Lead
P1 A84 Sup-Jup Lead
P1 A85 Modular Lead
P1 A86 Syncrosolo
P1 A87 Ripper
P1 A88 Phantom Lead

P1 B11 Whammy Mammy
P1 B12 Wicked Lead
P1 B13 Drefull Dr
P1 B14 Wiggle Mod
P1 B15 Feedback Lead
P1 B16 Crunch
P1 B17 Chaos Lead
P1 B18 Out of Control
P1 B21 String Machine
P1 B22 Tron Vlns
P1 B23 Luxury Symph
P1 B24 Debussy
P1 B25 BPF Velo Strings
P1 B26 Detuned Str
P1 B27 Juno B81 Pad
P1 B28 Richland
P1 B31 MOD Strings
P1 B32 Jupiter Pad
P1 B33 Soft Strings
P1 B34 Shan-gri-la
P1 B35 Fine Wine
P1 B36 Glue Pad
P1 B37 True Pad
P1 B38 Foreboding
P1 B41 Skreachea
P1 B42 BPM Pulse 1
P1 B43 BPM Pulse 2
P1 B44 Hi-Pass Puls
P1 B45 Sample&Hold Me
P1 B46 MKS80 Space
P1 B47 Arctic Sweep
P1 B48 Replicant CS
P1 B51 Stargate
P1 B52 Lost in Time
P1 B53 Circular
P1 B54 Space Choir
P1 B55 Hypass Sweep
P1 B56 BPF Tides
P1 B57 Matrix Sweep
P1 B58 MKS80 Bells
P1 B61 Tiny bells
P1 B62 Chimey
P1 B63 Juno Arp
P1 B64 Sonar Ping
P1 B65 Air Harp
P1 B66 Velo FX Percs
P1 B67 Quizzled
P1 B68 Intermittent
P1 B71 Brain Static
P1 B72 Computone
P1 B73 Pin Matrix
P1 B74 Space Cheese
P1 B75 Rough Day
P1 B76 The Etruscan
P1 B77 Varese
P1 B78 Pipe Dream
P1 B81 Meteor
P1 B82 Snowman
P1 B83 Space Ghost
P1 B84 Ozone
P1 B85 Cool-a little
P1 B86 Electro Gulls
P1 B87 Template 1
P1 B88 Template 2

P2 A11 MG Bass
P2 A12 Trance Bass 4
P2 A13 Trance Bass 5
P2 A14 Trance Bass 6
P2 A15 Bone Sa Mo
P2 A16 Bone Yall
P2 A17 PHM 1
P2 A18 PHM 2
P2 A21 PHM 3
P2 A22 Static Bass 1
P2 A23 Static Bass 2
P2 A24 M Bass
P2 A25 PHM 4
P2 A26 PHM 5
P2 A27 Mini Bass
P2 A28 Wonderland Bass
P2 A31 Hard Bass
P2 A32 Fretless Synth
P2 A33 Lead Bass
P2 A34 JP Fat Synbrass
P2 A35 Gate me!
P2 A36 Kling Klang 2
P2 A37 Rising Key
P2 A38 Flat Out 1
P2 A41 Flat LFO
P2 A42 Flat Out 2
P2 A43 Flat Out 3
P2 A44 MiniSynth 1
P2 A45 AW/DM Resonance1
P2 A46 AW/DM Resonance2
P2 A47 AW/DM Resonance3
P2 A48 AW/DM Resonance4
P2 A53 Jupiter8Arpeggio
P2 A54 Fuel
P2 A55 Shake
P2 A56 Model
P2 A57 Vanishing Key
P2 A58 Fade Away
P2 A61 Hard Key 1
P2 A62 Hard Key 2
P2 A63 Hard Key 3
P2 A64 Cheesy Key 1
P2 A65 Cheesy Key 2
P2 A66 DM 1
P2 A67 DM 2
P2 A68 Hard Key 4
P2 A71 Hard Key 5
P2 A72 Hard Key 6
P2 A73 DM 3
P2 A74 Arpy 3
P2 A75 Arpy 4
P2 A76 J Echo
P2 A77 Mini Seq. 1
P2 A78 Mini Seq. 2
P2 A81 Pulsar 88
P2 A82 Kling Klang 3
P2 A83 Straight Jacket
P2 A84 DM 4
P2 A85 CHEM 1
P2 A86 CHEM 2
P2 A87 Dusseldorf 1
P2 A88 Dusseldorf 2


P2 B11 Virtual Voltage
P2 B12 DAD or alive
P2 B13 Freeze Frame
P2 B14 Rave2theRhythm
P2 B15 Cheesy Lead 1
P2 B16 Cheesy Lead 2
P2 B17 Cheesy Lead 3
P2 B18 Cheesy Lead 4
P2 B21 Cheesy Lead 5
P2 B22 Coreline Nine
P2 B23 Wonderland Pad 1
P2 B24 Wonderland Pad 2
P2 B25 Wonderland Pad 3
P2 B26 seqaT nortoleM
P2 B27 Venusian Strings
P2 B28 Wonderland Pad 4
P2 B34 Oil Canvas 1
P2 B35 Oil Canvas 2
P2 B36 Oil Canvas 3
P2 B37 Oil Canvas 4
P2 B38 Oil Canvas 5
P2 B41 Blossoms 1
P2 B42 Blossoms 2
P2 B43 Broom
P2 B44 J Pad
P2 B45 Dream Kate
P2 B46 Temple 1
P2 B47 Temple 2
P2 B48 Thick
P2 B51 Open 54
P2 B52 Kling Klang 4
P2 B53 Epic
P2 B54 Multiples 1
P2 B55 Lodelity
P2 B56 Lode in Stereo
P2 B57 Wonderland Brs
P2 B58 Hard Pad
P2 B61 Gate in Stereo 1
P2 B62 Gate in Stereo 2
P2 B63 Gate in Stereo 3
P2 B64 S/H in Stereo
P2 B65 Bub
P2 B66 Simple E.Drums
P2 B67 Boom your Woofer
P2 B68 Multiples 2
P2 B71 Midnight 1-900
P2 B72 100% After
P2 B73 Time and Space
P2 B74 LFO
P2 B75 LFO 2
P2 B77 Blade
P2 B78 Cyborg
P2 B81 Fall
P2 B82 Rise
P2 B83 Radioactive 1
P2 B84 Radioactive 2
P2 B85 DroneOn
P2 B86 Duss
P2 B87 Hydro Noise
P2 B88 From Space...


P3 A11 Culture Bass
P3 A12 Techno Brie
P3 A13 Wired Funk
P3 A14 Deep Thought
P3 A15 Trance Bass
P3 A16 Baroque Bass
P3 A17 Pulse 303
P3 A18 101 Sub Bass
P3 A21 Serious Low Ant1
P3 A22 Serious Low Ant2
P3 A23 Bone
P3 A24 JX Dyna Bass
P3 A25 Xa Bass Pad
P3 A26 Offbeat Bass
P3 A27 Drone Bass
P3 A28 Clean Wow Bass
P3 A31 FM Solid
P3 A32 FM Tube Bass
P3 A33 FM Rave Bass
P3 A34 Velo Organ
P3 A35 Club Organ
P3 A36 Old Organ
P3 A37 PercussivToyPno
P3 A38 Noise Toys
P3 A41 Apostle Piano
P3 A42 Clavi-Club
P3 A43 Perc Clavsynth
P3 A44 Cyber Cellopluck
P3 A45 Pulse Key
P3 A46 Nova Catch
P3 A47 Eurodance Perc 1
P3 A48 Tribal Party
P3 A51 Viking
P3 A52 Nova Pad
P3 A53 HPF Saws
P3 A54 5th Saws Key
P3 A55 Eros Synth
P3 A56 Mov'Mov Synth !
P3 A57 Formula Stack 1
P3 A58 Formula Stack 2
P3 A61 Raveline
P3 A62 Ravers Delite
P3 A63 Super Saw Soup
P3 A64 Chainsawmassacre
P3 A65 Daft Five
P3 A66 Coming up
P3 A67 Power of 80's
P3 A68 Jericho Horns
P3 A71 Milling Lead
P3 A72 Dark Loonie
P3 A73 X-Mod May-Day !
P3 A74 Dirty Mania
P3 A75 Vinyl Story
P3 A76 Zipper Hymn
P3 A77 Nova Attack
P3 A78 Super Attack
P3 A81 Beep 8000
P3 A82 Optic Perc
P3 A83 8008-Cow Signal
P3 A84 X-FM Metallic
P3 A85 Pluck & Pray
P3 A86 Bermuda Triangle
P3 A87 Home of the Rave
P3 A88 Paris spirit

P3 B11 Eurodance Perc 2
P3 B12 Lo-Fi Chops
P3 B13 Tranceients
P3 B14 Voicetransformer
P3 B15 AW/DM
P3 B16 Braindead
P3 B17 I get a Kick
P3 B18 Upside down
P3 B21 Hoppy Lead
P3 B22 Magic Ribbon
P3 B23 Nice Lead
P3 B24 Solo Sine&Square
P3 B25 Vintage Voltage
P3 B26 Trusty Lead
P3 B27 Dream P5
P3 B28 Eastern Lead 1
P3 B31 Eastern Lead 2
P3 B32 Tri&Saw Lead
P3 B33 Crystal Noise
P3 B34 Happy Euro Lead
P3 B35 Alphabet Lead
P3 B36 Feedbacky
P3 B37 Trance Lead
P3 B38 CheeseOscillator
P3 B41 Prod Lead
P3 B42 Dirty Electrons
P3 B43 Kitch Vinylead
P3 B44 Killerbeez
P3 B45 *\ Ethnomad !
P3 B46 P5 Sync
P3 B47 Ergot Rye Seed
P3 B48 FB 5th
P3 B51 70's Mono
P3 B52 Mega HPF Lead
P3 B53 Siren's Song
P3 B54 Retro Strings
P3 B55 Ambient Pad
P3 B56 Mystery Room
P3 B57 ElectronicHarmon
P3 B58 Jungle Pad
P3 B61 Filtersweep 1
P3 B62 Filtersweep 2
P3 B63 Sizzler
P3 B64 Hi-Pass Saws
P3 B65 Piping Pad
P3 B66 Odyssee Astral
P3 B67 Agitation
P3 B68 Safari LFO
P3 B71 Tricky LFO
P3 B72 Extra Hi-Fi
P3 B73 Rhythmic Synth
P3 B74 Asteroid Mode
P3 B75 Disaster 1
P3 B76 Fuzzy Logic
P3 B77 QZ Sub Naut
P3 B78 Searing
P3 B81 Disaster 2
P3 B82 Scrapers
P3 B83 Trip in Stereo
P3 B85 Xform
P3 B86 Amuck
P3 B87 Cat Conversation
P3 B88 Pulsing Sweep


Sample Collection 2 Patch List (Patches Sampled)

Vengeance Sound - X-Plorations Vol 1

A11 X-PlorationsV1
A12 Dominator
A13 Soul Of Trnce
A14 Soul Of Trnc2
A15 Endorphine...
A16 Here's da Sync
A17 Fat Analogy
A18 Enforcer
A21 Castles In Sky
A22 Nautilus
A23 Falling Stars
A24 Just Another SQ
A25 Creamy Lead
A26 Wormhole to SOL
A27 Diamonds
A28 Twister
A31 Pure Energie
A32 Mystix Strings
A33 Fizzler Pad
A34 Ring Pad
A35 Chopter Pad
A36 Creamy Pad
A37 TranceStringz
A38 TranceStringz2
A41 Futurescope
A42 FuturescopeV2
A43 FuturescopeV3
A44 >>Athmosfear<<
A45 Cheesy Wasp
A46 Eastern Sun
A47 FM Attack
A48 Monster Syn
A51 Sub Culture
A52 Basement Attx
A53 Anapoly Bass
A54 Smacky Square
A55 Trance Bass
A56 Plastic Fish
A57 Junk Blip
A58 Dark Rezo
A61 See the Light
A62 Superstrings
A63 Land Of Sand
A64 Blade Runner
A65 Vintager
A66 Analog Dreams
A67 Magic Pad
A68 Flanging Pad
A71 Cosmic Brass
A72 Liquid Dreams
A73 Thick & Bright
A74 Shimmering
A75 FM Teardrops
A76 FM Teardrops 2
A77 Blizzard
A78 Voltage Beast
A81 Feiern !!!
A82 Euro Pikes
A83 Euro Pikes UK
A84 Technixx
A85 Ringwraith
A86 Far from Hell
A87 Jetstream
A88 LFO Saw(s)

Vengeance Sound - X-Plorations Vol 2

B11 X-PlorationsV2
B12 Toxication
B13 Dr. Pitch
B14 Stinger
B15 8k Hoover
B16 Living My
B17 Auretum
B18 Difference
B21 Dooms Day
B22 Phuture Nox
B23 Spacecrash
B24 Future Harp
B25 Plastic Box
B26 Tibby01
B27 Phone of Fear
B28 Serial Killer
B31 Corridor ...
B32 Corridor .2.
B33 Corridor .3.
B34 0lympus 1
B35 0lympus 2
B36 Yesterday 1
B37 Yesterday 2
B38 Fine PW Picks
B41 Wechselbass
B42 Shockwave
B43 Broadway
B44 Megavoices
B45 Power-Gurke
B46 Hardstyle 1
B47 Hardstyle 2
B48 X-Hale

B51 Oldskool
B52 WakeTheNeighbour
B53 LFO Rate
B54 Mellow-D
B55 The Time
B56 Tuneboy
B57 Oblivion
B58 Landscape
B61 Digital Dreams
B62 Ambitrance
B63 Hollow SQ Bass
B64 Nation Z
B65 Water Organ
B66 Mood
B67 Twisting Lead
B68 Lunatic
B71 Power Sweep
B72 String Quartett
B73 Noize Saw
B74 Pray
B75 Freestyler 1
B76 Freestyler 2
B77 Oscillate
B78 Natives
B81 Down the Drain
B82 Kick Ass
B83 Harmonics
B84 Tri Bass
B85 Creamatorium
B86 Tronic Bass
B87 Replicant 1
B88 Replicant 2


Vengeance Sound - X-Plorations Vol 3

C11 X-PlorationsV3
C12 Terrordrome
C13 Tomahawk
C14 No Supersaw
C15 Megalead 3000
C16 Horizon
C17 Babylon Ash
C18 Clean Lead
C21 Phasings
C22 Phasings 2
C23 Troublemaker
C24 Triforce
C25 Noizelead
C26 Spacepulse
C27 16 OSC Power
C28 Alpha Juno
C31 Silence
C32 Silence 2
C33 Razor
C34 Razor 2
C35 New Species
C36 Phantasy
C37 Tubby
C38 Pulsedive 1
C41 Starsplash
C42 Chronotron
C43 Van Dahl
C44 Reality
C45 Ultrawarm
C46 Universe
C47 Beach Party 1
C48 Beach Party 2
C51 Do Not Disturb
C52 Do Not Disturb 2
C53 Tokio
C54 Machina
C55 Synkoid
C56 Italo Disco
C57 Power Chord
C58 Clear & Bright
C61 Soft Pad
C62 Arbiter
C63 Downtown
C64 Soft Pad 2
C65 Infinity
C66 Icy Drops
C67 Knarzbass
C68 Bomber VI
C71 Drahtsäge
C72 Heroic
C73 Full Stereo
C74 Cosmic Power
C75 Fantasm
C76 Kraftpulse
C77 Sanctuary
C78 Airwave
C81 Oct Stack
C82 Fine Lead
C83 Double Helix 1
C84 Double Helix 2
C85 Future Hook
C86 Kosmonauts
C87 Another World
C88 Space FX


Roland's Techno 2

A11 Cheap Organ
A12 Pretty Bells
A13 PsychedelicPiano
A14 Sisterhood
A15 Sift
A16 Play Chords !
A17 Strained
A18 Eurodance Perc 3
A21 Your Friend Elec
A22 Wailing Horn
A23 Steel Synth ----- BAD !!!!!!
A24 Vintage Box
A25 Out Of Tune
A26 Techno OneShot
A27 Adrenaline JP
A28 Wilderness
A31 Class of 85
A32 Waspy Metal
A33 Strange Synth
A34 Like Jupiter
A35 Fifth Night
A36 Reso Attack
A37 Metalic Attack
A38 Pulse Attack
A41 Winlead
A42 70's Mono 2
A43 The whole story
A44 Muffin Man
A45 Sweet Leet
A46 Planet Lead
A47 Saw Solo
A48 Tri Lead
A51 Whats cooking?
A52 Blue Meanie
A53 Tyre Fan
A54 Corn Lead
A55 Yox Elusive
A56 Synth Strings
A57 Low-Fi Str
A58 Dental Pad
A61 Paddy 1
A62 Carpetcrawler
A63 7th Day
A64 Shank Thrust
A65 Baroque Pad
A66 LowFi Offstring
A67 Psychic Doom
A68 Paddy 2
A71 Reverend
A72 Close To Green
A73 Sanity
A74 Static Bass
A75 Jungle Bass 1
A76 Jungle Bass 2
A77 Trance Bass 2
A78 Trance Bass 3
A81 Sputnik
A82 Bone No Mo
A83 Bass Ody 1
A84 Bass Ody 2
A85 XING Bass
A86 Noblet Bass
A87 Bowzer!
A88 Water Bass

B11 Full of Warmth
B12 Kang Bass
B13 Sub Bass
B14 Static BassDrone
B15 Wet Bass
B16 Body Bass
B17 FM Tube Bass 2
B18 FM Tube Bass 3
B21 Reso Synth
B22 Sync Base
B23 Offbeat Bass 2
B24 Mod Bass
B25 Civilization
B26 FM Attack
B27 Ravo Bean Bounce
B28 Bent Stabber
B31 Human Way
B32 Ragged Stab
B33 United Taste
B34 Corn Bass
B35 Corn Seq
B36 Sequence 1
B37 Sequence 2
B38 Sync or swim
B41 Rave Hard
B42 Compress me!
B43 Qdelic
B44 Kling Klang
B45 Arpy 1
B46 Arpy 2
B47 Dusseldorf
B48 Gate5in Stereo
B51 Heavy BD(PlayC3)
B52 Bassdrum Low



Jay B Soundset

A17 Harmonic BPF
A21 Movement
A24 Legato Bass
A25 Wippy Bass
A26 Synth Bass
A27 Rapped Bass
A28 Ribbon Bass
A31 XM-Bass
A32 Sync Bass
A33 Round Bass
A34 Bull Bass
A35 In the MG
A36 Digital Belltree
A37 Digibell
A38 Ring Bell
A41 Fairy Dust
A42 Ring E.Piano 1
A43 Jazz E.Piano
A44 Analog EPiano
A45 Square Ring
A46 JP Rhodes
A47 Sine EPiano
A48 Ring E.Piano 2
A51 Elec. ORG
A52 Basic Pipe
A53 Diapasons 1
A54 Tibia
A55 Diapasons 2
A56 Wobbly Funk
A57 Ring Clavy
A58 Analog Clav
A61 Xmod Clav
A62 Xpandmodule Clav
A63 Basic Clav
A64 Saw Clav
A65 Clav>Ribn Wah
A66 Clav>Ribn Mute
A67 Touch Comp
A68 Bubbly Synth
A71 For RPS
A72 Techno Seq
A73 Jazz Guitar
A74 Analog Pad 1
A75 Analog Pad 2
A76 Silk SAW Key
A77 Walk da Synth!
A78 Rich n Mellow
A81 Scat Synth
A82 Phat Key 1
A83 Phat Key 2
A84 Big Foam
A85 UnisonSaw Chords
A86 BPF Saws
A87 Bubbly Synth 2
A88 Mellow Brs



B11 Brassy Synth 1
B12 Brassy Synth 2
B13 Synth-Ensemble
B14 Saw Brass
B15 Sync.Brass
B16 Oct JP8 Brass
B17 PWM Brass
B18 RS202 Brass
B21 Analog Brass
B22 Saw Synth
B23 Wire Str
B24 HiFq Synth
B25 Compu Saw
B26 Eurodance Chords
B27 Squary Synth
B28 FB Solo
B31 The Solo !1
B32 Syn Whistle
B33 Tri Lead
B34 700 Flute
B35 MG Chunky Uni
B36 Feedback EFX
B37 Pulse Lead JP 2
B38 MG Reso Lead
B41 Step Synth
B42 Pulse Lead JP 1
B43 Saw&Saw x5
B44 Echo Lead
B45 Jet 8000 Lead
B46 Saw&Pulse
B47 SynthCity've
B48 Feedback Lead 2
B51 Feedback Lead 3
B52 Synkro Lead
B53 The Solo ! 2
B54 The Solo ! 3
B55 Legatostinato
B56 Synchronizer
B57 Sync Mod. 1
B58 Sync Lead 2
B61 Sync Mod. 2
B62 Sync Mod. 3
B65 Delicate Strings
B66 Warm Strings
B67 FXM Sine
B68 Slosphere
B71 Ghostly
B72 Pre-Dawn
B73 Phantom Pad
B74 Zero Gravity
B75 Ribbon Strings
B76 Random Pad
B77 Sweep Saw
B78 SoftSweepPD
B81 Stargate 2
B82 Misty Pad
B83 Soundtrack Sweep
B84 Etheral Glide
B85 Grange Sweep
B86 Airy Glide
B87 New Drum 1
B88 New Drum 2