Electronic Dream Plant (EDP)

EDP, Electronic Dream Plant, was a British audio synthesiser design and manufacturing company which produced quirky products during the late 1970s and early 1980s. Although heavily associated with the respected synth designer Chris Huggett the company was set up by Chris and the musician Adrian Wagner.

EDP Wasp

Although we at Defective Nation are great admirers of EDP and think their products are absolutely amaziing and incredibly cheap when they were released we are also amazed that the company failed to make an impact on the global market and ultimately failed after only a short time in business. While their most famous product was the stunning Wasp synth, which they produced in various forms, they also produced the Gnat and other accessories such as the Spider and Caterpillar, though the Wasp will always remain their finest piece of equipment - though not in build quality!

Unfortunately the Wasp was a cheap synth, selling for £199 when it was first released but now fetches up to £750, and today it can be difficult to find a specimen in prime condition. The main problems are that the "keyboard" was touch sensitive and, because it is so old, and the plastic casing hardened over time and became brittle.

Defective Nation were lucky enough to know somebody who owned a mint condition Wasp synthesizer. When I say mint I really do mean full showroom condition. In fact the condition was so good that we were extremely nervous sampling it because we were scared or marking it in any way. Of course the beauty of using a mint condition Wasp is that, because it has hardly been used (what a sin) the sound was 100% perfect and so Waspy it could cut so sharply that we had to keep our volume levels low. Mentioning the word low reminds me that I was actually surprised at how powerful the Wasp was in the lower frequencies.

The EDP synthesizers which we have sampled and currently have available to purchase are as follows:

EDP Wasp Synthesizer Sample DVD

Please call back soon as we are always sampling keyboards & synthesizers.



Wasp DriveWe love the Wasp synth so much that we bought, and highly recommend, the clone of the Wasp filter from Clacktronics - www.clacktronics.co.uk - through which we will be running various synths (along with some of the other filters which we own) to create unique sounds but for now just take a look at our first Wasp Sample DVD