Roland Juno 1

Roland Juno 1Another Roland classic analogue from their wonderful Juno range of synthesisers. Unlike the previous Junos the Alpha Juno does not feature sliders, instead editing is carried out using the "Alpha" dial and an LCD display. The Juno 1 produces a wide range of tones which are much cleaner than previous models and can sometimes sound almost "digital". Although the Juno 1 uses the same analogue filter as the JX-8P & MKS-70 the resonance is not self oscillating, which is the reason why it is often overlooked in favour of its predecessors. However each Juno has its own sound and the differences between each ensure that the Juno 1 produces sounds that no other synth can produce, most famous of which is the famous/infamous "Hoover" sound (included).



Roland Juno 1 SAMPLE PACK

  Roland Juno 1

Kontakt, EXS24 + WAV


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 This collection is only available in Kontakt, EXS24 & Wav.




Juno 1 Sample DVD Demo 1- Remember this is a reduced quiality MP3 file, so imagine how great this really sounds!
[Right click & "save link as" - all sounds, excluding kick, come from the Juno 1 sample disk. No outboard FX only eq & compression.]

Our sample DVD features a selection of well known Juno 1 sounds with each note (between C1-C6) sampled to capture the subtle changes in timbre which analogue synthesisers can produce from one semitone to the next.

Two banks of 64 Juno sounds, that's over 100 24 bit Juno sounds for your sampler


Patches Sampled


P-11 PolySynth1
P-12 JazzGuitar
P-13 Xylophone
P-14 Low String
P-15 LeadSynth1
P-16 ChorusGuit
P-17 SynthBass1
P-18 ElectroDrm
P-21 HighString
P-22 TeknoStrng
P-23 StringOrg
P-24 FastString
P-25 LolngString
P-26 Cello
P-27 SoloViolin
P-28 Pizzicato
P-31 Piano 1
P-32 E Piano 1
P-33 E Piano 2
P-34 Piano 2
P-35 E Piano 3
P-36 Clav
P-37 Harpsichrd
P-38 PianoPad
P-41 Organ 1
P-42 Organ 2
P-43 CheesyOrgn
P-44 PipeOrgan1
P-45 PipeOrgan2
P-46 VoicePad
P-47 sinusoidal

P-48 Voices 1
P-51 Brass 1
P-52 Syn Rise
P-53 Spit Valve
P-54 Fat Synth
P-55 Arpeggiatr
P-56 Velo-Reso1
P-57 Big Brass
P-58 Pad 1
P-61 LeadSynth2
P-62 LeadSynth3
P-63 Flute
P-64 LeadSynth4
P-65 Sax
P-66 E Bass 1
P-67 SynthBass2
P-68 SequencrBs
P-71 Bells 1
P-72 BellChime1
P-73 BellChime2
P-74 Syn-Bello
P-75 Marimba
P-76 Syn Koto
P-77 StlDrumBnd
P-78 Harp
P-81 Tron Blast
P-82 NoiseShots
P-83 TwiliteZne
P-84 Scratchin
P-85 Syn Echo
P-86 PolePositn

P-87 --U-F-O--
P-88 Timps
M-11 BassSynth1
M-12 Brass 3
M-13 BrassHorns
M-14 FatBrass 1
M-15 Trumpets
M-16 BrassSwell
M-17 PolySynth2
M-18 PolySynth3
M-21 BowdStrngs
M-22 RichStrngs
M-23 Orchestra
M-24 D J Mix
M-25 StrngSweep
M-26 SoloViolin2
M-27 DblBasses
M-28 Ominous
M-31 Piano 3
M-32 E Piano 4
M-33 Loud-Piano
M-34 Piano-FX
M-35 Clavichord
M-36 Harpsi 2
M-37 AccGuitar
M-38 PianoPad
M-41 Organ 3
M-42 Organ 4
M-43 ChowaOrgan
M-44 PipeOrgan3
M-45 Accordion

M-46 Vocorder
M-47 Voices 2
M-48 Harmonica
M-51 SynthSweep
M-52 Poly Pulse
M-53 CosmoSweep
M-54 ChrusPluck
M-55 Bells 2
M-56 Vibe
M-57 Koto
M-58 BellChime3
M-61 Lead 5
M-62 Lead 6
M-63 Inv-Solo
M-64 Quina
M-65 Oboe
M-66 SynthBass3
M-67 SynthBass4
M-68 UpriteBass
M-71 Machines
M-73 ooops
M-76 Syn Koto
M-78 Oct Jump
M-83 DogsBark
M-84 WET
M-86 What the (Adjusted to Hoover)
M-88 Syn Echo