Novation Electronic Music Systems

NovationNovation Electronic Music Systems is a British company which produces a selection of musical equipment. Although the company is widely known for its excellent range of midi controllers and their musical instruments utilizing their analogue emulation, the first synthesizer which the company released was the Bass Station.

The Novation Bass Station was a small analogue mono synth (using their two-octave controller keyboard) built to emulate the popular sound of the Roland TB-303. Although the synth was somewhat ridiculed for its toylike appearance it became immensely popular and the keyboard was quickly followed by a rackmount version and then the excellent rackmounted Novation Super Bass Station. Novation received help in the design of the Bass Station from Chris Huggett, the famous engineer/designer known for his Wasp synthesizer (which had an even more toylike appearance), who later joined the company full-time as its first technical director.

Following the success of their Bass Station and Super Bass Station Novation moved away from purely analogue synthesis and into the world of analogue emulation with their renowned Supernova Synth which spawned a number of other "Nova" related instruments up to today's (2012) Xio-Synth.


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