RolandWe at Defective Nation love Roland musical instruments. Right back to the very early days of Roland we have loved that "Roland" sound and while we find the sheer number of instruments they release which have what appear to be minor differences between them we always seem to find a reason why we would need an example of each. The main reason, besides the superb sound, for buying so much Roland gear is simply that it has always been one of the most affordable synthesizer manufacturers.

We have a pretty decent range of Roland synths that we will can sample and we plan to, eventually, sample them all as we understand that not everybody can afford the luxury of buying a large number of different synths.

The Roland synthesizers which we have sampled and currently have available to purchase are as follows:

Roland D-50 Budget Samples

Roland JD800 Budget Samples

Roland JP-8000 / JP-8080 Sample DVD

Roland Juno 1 Sample DVD

Roland Juno 106 Sample DVD

Roland JX-3P Sample DVD