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Defective Nation is a small group of musicians, DJs and engineers who have decades of experience in the music industry and the production of electronic music. One of our members first became involved in sound design towards the end of the 1970s and has watched many fascinating developments in the technology of sound synthesis.

You may have noticed that there are a few tracks and videos floating about which use the name "Defective Nation" but don't be worried as these are just early experimentations by one of our members into creating digital media. Through this experimentation in electronic music, where only DAW plugins were used, we were able to decide that our older equipment (hardware) still remains superior in virtually all aspects.

While digital plugins do have their uses we decided to take a look at sampling our old hardware in such a way as to capture those elements of the sound which sets them apart. Unfortunately we found that the only way in which to create a digitised version of such distinctive instruments was to take a long sample of every single note. We experimented using tried and tested techniques but found that by only sampling a selection of notes per octave often missed those small differences between individual notes which are actually a big part of the unique sound.

Although sampling every single note in a wide octave range is time consuming we immediately noticed a huge difference. As we sampled the synths using high quality, professional 24 bit equipment the file sizes were huge. We noticed that anyone selling sample disks of old gear always offered their products only as digital downloads and we also noticed how small the file sizes are so it was clear to us that many corners have been cut.

Classic and vintage musical instruments are extremely expensive so, as we have too much experience in being poor musicians, we fully understand the frustrations of not being able to afford the equipment that you so desperately need to polish your tracks. For this reason, and that alternatives were, well, crap, we decided that we would build up a collection of specialist sample disks and make them available to purchase at an extremely low price.

As music creation and sound synthesis is our prime motivation we have decided that all profits will, initially, be reinvested into purchasing other vintage synthesizers. Unfortunately it will take us some time to generate the income required to purchase the most sought after instruments and our choices will be limited. With this in mind we decided to have a members section where we can share ideas and some of our private samples but also it will serve as a place for us to discover our customers needs and preferences - thus making gear aquisitions choices a little easier!

We hope that you enjoy our site and that you make the decision to join and support us.


Defective Nation


If we ever decide to sell our products on eBay they will ONLY be available from WIckermanXXX. If you see another eBay seller selling our products we would be EXTREMELY grateful if you would contact us with the details.