There are a surprising number of companies involved in the history of the musical instrument known as the synthesizer. Many will know those companies which still exist today, such as Roland, Yamaha & Korg, but hrere are many other companies which only existed for a short period such as EDP (Electronic Dream Plant). While many companies who existed at the beginning of the industry were American companies it didn't take long for the Japanese to offer cheaper alternatives and thier developments (such as Yamaha's DX7) caused the demise of many of the early pioneers.

Defective Nation has access to a diverse range of equipment but we have to admit that we do seem to have focused upon Roland instruments but this is mainly due to the fact that Roland synthesizers are so highly afforable. Sadly we are not in a position to purchase such things as a Memorymoog but, like all good synth collectors, maybe one day...

Below are links to our pages about the manufacturers of equipment which we have already sampled and made available on a selection of sample DVDs (we have to use DVDs because we like to sample as many notes for as long as we can and this results in large file sizes too large for a sample CD).

Defective Nation currently has sample DVDs of instruments by the following manufactuers:

Electronic Dream Plant (EDP)