Roland D50 Sample Collection 010

Roland D50 Synthesizer1987 was the year that samples of real acoustic (and electric) instruments appeared in a synth and that synthesiser was the, still sought after, Roland D-50. The earlier music of the 1980s featured good old analog synths and the amazingly popular Yamaha DX7, which can be heard across so many of the Eighties hit records. Like the D50 the DX7 was a digital synth which used a form of synthesis which Yamaha called FM. Even in the early days of Roland the company strived to create real instrument sounds on the most humble synths but it was not until the Roland D-50 that they really started to approach sounds which, once in a mix, could be easily mistaken for a real instrument (rather than one created on a synth). Technology, and especially memory, was very expensive so Roland added a sort of "virtual analogue" digital subtractive synth engine to the samples which was used to create the main part of a sound leaving the samples for the more distinctive attack portions of a sound.


Roland D50 Sample Collection 010

Our tenth DVD of Roland D-50 samples focuses on patches which are intended for use as bass instruments but can also be used for various other tasks such as lead or comp sounds. This is why every patch in the 10 DVD set has had just over 7 octaves sampled at 4 notes/octave. Some of the samples on the D-50 are great examples of bass guitars and other samples can also serve to shape the attack of a bass instrument. To ensure maximum quality we used professional MOTU interfaces to take long 24-bit samples. This enabled us to capture important sustain sections and loop them perfectly. Taking 24-bit samples also ensures that the most important elements, such as transients, are captured and replaying that sample plays back a perfect copy.

Rather than use our noisey vintage Roland D-50 we chose to sample using a Roland VariOS fitted with the VC-1 D-50 Card (please read this SOS article at which shows that this setup creates the sound of the D-50 perfectly.. This article insists that, even when using an oscilloscope, it is impossible to spot a difference between the two when the VariOS is set to D-50 output. When we listened we did notice, but only on one or two patches, that there was a tiny tiny difference. Overall ew much favour the clean output of the VariOS. As we produce these collection primarily for our own personal use you can be sure that we have done our utmost to get the best possible samples.

Sample collection 010 (the 76 patches are listed below) is part of our 41.66 GB Roland D50 10 DVD sample collection. This immense collection is sold at a very reduced price but you are welcome to buy the single DVD, if you really want to get Roland D-50 bass sounds.




Roland D50 Synthesizer   KONTAKT / EXS24 / WAV



76 Roland D50 sound patches at 24-Bit resolution

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D-50 Sounds Sampled In Budget Collection 010

Below is a list of the D50 sounds which we sampled to create collection 010.

Bass voices/Patches:

Bass Sounds Sampled

BANKS 1 & 2 BANKS 3 & 4 BANKS 5 & 6 BANKS 7 & 8

L11 Ach Disco Bass
L12 Ach Hammer Bass
L13 Ach String Bass
L14 Acoustic Bass 1
L15 Acoustic Bass 2
L16 Acoustic Bass 3
L17 Acoustic Bass 4
L18 Acoustic Bass 5
L21 B A S S E S
L22 Bass Gitarre 1
L23 Bass Viol
L24 Big Synth Bass1
L25 Big Synth Bass3
L26 Bowed Bass
L27 Breathy Bass 1
L28 Combo Bass

L31 Dark P-Bass
L32 Digital Jaco
L33 Digital Slap Bas
L34 DX7 Clean 1
L35 DX7 Steel
L36 E- Bass 1 Flange
L37 Elec Bass 1 and
L38 Elec Bass 2 w-Wah
L41 Electric Bass
L42 Electric Bass 4
L43 F A T B A S S
L44 FL Bass
L45 FL Slap Bass
L46 Flang Bass
L47 Funk Bass
L48 Funk Bass 2

L51 Funky B and C
L52 Gated Elec Bass
L53 Gibsyns
L54 Growl
L55 Hammer Bass 1
L56 Hammer Bass 2
L57 Hammer Bass 3
L58 Heavy Bass Strng
L61 Horny Bass
L62 M O O Gs B A S
L63 Mini 8va 2
L64 Minimoog Bass 1
L65 Monster Bass
L66 Moog Bottom
L67 My Bass Sound
L68 PCM Ana Pop

L71 PCM Bass Synth 1
L72 PCM Bass Synth 2
L73 Pick P-Bass 1
L74 Pick P-Bass 3
L75 Pick P-Bass 4
L76 Pick P-Bass 5
L77 Picked Nylon
L78 Pluck Bass
L81 Pointers Wet
L82 Poly Bass 1
L83 Poly Bass 2
L84 Poly Bass 3
L85 PolyBass
L86 Pop and Slap
L87 Popper
L88 Poppey Analog


Other Bass Sounds Sampled

BANKS 1 & 2 BANKS 3 & 4 BANKS 5 & 6 BANKS 7 & 8

L89 Resonance Bass
L90 Ring Bass 1
L91 Slap Bass 3
L92 Steel String Syn
L93 Syn Fat Bass 1
L94 Syn Fat Bass 2
L95 Synth Bass 4
L96 SynthBass
L97 Wood Bass
L98 JX8P Horns III

L99 Hollow Synth
M01 Juno 6 Stringz