Roland D50 Sample Collection 005

Roland D50 SynthesizerIn 1987 most keyboard players were using the Yamaha DX7 which created its sounds using Yamahas FM synthesis (for examples of DX7 sounds see our Yamaha FS1R and TX802 samples) but this was the year of the Roland D-50 synthesizer. Using very short samples of natural sounds for the attack part of sounds the D-50 created the sustained part of its sounds using a more conventional form of digital synthesis (effectively a digital oscillator and filter). This enabled the synth to create sound extremely close to acoustic instrument while maintaining facilities for more conventional, and familiar. synth sounds.


Roland D50 Sample Collection 005

Our fifth DVD of Roland D-50 samples focuses on Rolands PN-D50-03 & PN-D50-04 Memory Cards (please scroll down to see a list of the 87 patches sampled). 2,525 long samples were taken using 24-bit professional MOTU interfaces in our recording studio which enabled us to create extremely good loop points where required. To capture the essence of the synth we sampled 4 notes in every octave so there are no audible effects of stretching samples. Rather than use a crusty, and somewhat noisey, vintage Roland D-50 to sample we chose to use a Roland VariOS fitted with the VC-1 D-50 Card. We made this decision based upon the SOS article at This article insists that, using an oscilloscope, there is no difference between the two when the VariOS is set to D-50 output. However when we listened we did notice, but only on one or two patches, that there was a tiny tiny difference. Overall we favour the clean output of the VariOS. As we produce these collection primarily for our own personal use you can be sure that we have done our utmost to get the best possible samples.

Sample collection 005 (the 87 patches are listed below) is part of our 41.66 GB Roland D50 10 DVD sample collection. This immense collection is sold at a very reduced price but you are welcome to buy the single DVD, if you really want to.




Roland D50 Synthesizer   KONTAKT / EXS24 / WAV



87 Roland D50 sound patches at 24-Bit resolution

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D-50 Sounds Sampled In Budget Collection 005

Below is a list of the D50 sounds which we sampled to create collection 005.

Voices/Patches BANK 002: Memory Card/ROM PN-D50-03 & PN-D50-04:

PN-D50-03 Sounds Sampled

BANKS 1 & 2 BANKS 3 & 4 BANKS 5 & 6 BANKS 7 & 8



F52 Bohemian
F53 Recorder
F54 Breeze Pipe
F55 Flutes Ensemble
F56 Woodwinds
F57 Pipe Bags - BAD Patch, horrible!
F58 Vibe n Clarinet
F61 Heavy Metal Lead
F62 Monophonic Lead
F63 Pulse Lead
F64 Squeeze Lead
F65 Energetical Lead
F66 Monotone Lead
F67 Harmonics Lead
F68 Metallic Lead

F71 Jazz Organ
F72 Huge Pipes
F73 Velocity Rotor
F74 Choral Organ
F75 Click Organ
F76 Solid Beat
F77 Wavy Motion
F78 Pressure Generator
F81 Whispy Vox
F82 Alpha Omega Ensemble
F83 Vox n Sawz
F84 4th Synth Vox
F85 Husky Voices
F86 Stereo Panorama
F87 Voyageur
F88 Glass Voice 2


PN-D50-04 Sound Sampled

BANKS 1 & 2 BANKS 3 & 4 BANKS 5 & 6 BANKS 7 & 8

G11 Perc E-Piano
G12 Ballad Piano Choir
G13 New Age Piano
G14 Xmod E-Piano
G15 Vividly Piano
G16 Air Piano
G17 Honky-Tonk Piano
G18 Antique Harpsichord
G21 Spanish Guitar
G22 Ringmod EGuitar
G23 Gypsy Guitar
G24 Rock Guitar
G25 Harp Strings
G26 Dulcimer Voice
G27 Comdie Clav
G28 Stereo Clav

G31 Toys in the Attic
G32 Music Toybox
G33 Bells Harmony
G34 Star Chime
G35 African Kalimba
G36 Okinawa Session
G37 Jamaican Sounds
G38 India
G41 Sweet Vibes
G42 Clear Bell Pad
G43 Marimbell
G44 Venetian Cafe
G45 Grand Canyon
G46 Funky Bed Trax
G47 Ohayashi
G48 Koto-Bamboo Flute

G51 Digital Atmosphere
G52 Polyphonic Synth
G53 Pad Combo
G54 Attack-Reso Synth
G55 Velo-Oct Pulse
G56 Perc Release
G57 Steam Synth Pad
G58 Zean- - -
G61 Hopper Bass
G62 Electric Pick Bass
G63 Octave Synth Bass
G64 Natural Bass
G65 Glide Bass
G66 Funky Reso-Bass
G67 Steelblue Bass
G68 Funky Cutting

G71 Soundtrack n Hold
G72 Reso Release
G73 Ballet Voices U-L
G74 Press Pan sampl Hold
G75 Twilight Zone
G76 After Bend-Panning
G77 All Diminish Chord
G78 STAR-TREK Voices