Roland D50 Sample Collection 004

Roland D50 SynthesizerDo you remember, or have you heard, the Enya song Orinoco Flow? If so you will have already heard one of the famous sounds from the Roland D-50 synthesiser. Released in 1987, the D-50 was something of a step into the dark for the company because it was their first digital synth as their previous releases were analog subtractive machines. Yamaha had their own form of digital synthesis, which they called FM (Frequency Modulation) made available on the hugely successful Yamaha DX7 (see our Yamaha FS1R and TX802 samples) . The D-50 used really short samples for the attack transients of the sounds followed by more usual synth waveforms for the sustained portion of the sound. This worked surprisingly well, if programmed correctly, and, at last, we had a piano sound that really sounded much like a real world piano. So, with the D-50 it was possible to create realistic sounding patches as well as the more usual synthy tones.


Roland D50 Sample Collection 004

Our fourth Roland D-50 sample collection has been constructed using sounds taken from the Roland PN-D50-02 & PN-D50-03 Memory Cards (please scroll down to see a full list of the patches sampled). We took a total of 2,794 samplesto create this large sample set (4 samples per octave across over 7 octaves of a whopping 97 patches). To ensure the best possible quality we sampled using professional MOTU recording studio equipment. We also took long samples to make certain that we could achieve perfect loop points. We used the Roland VariOS with the VC-1 D-50 Card [see for a review of the card]. Please Note: Although SOS insists that there is no difference between the VC-1 and a genuine D50 we noticed on one or two patches there was a very small difference but, considering the higher quality output of the VC-1 the advantages outweighted the negatives.

Sample collection 004 (patches listed below) is part of our 41.66 GB Roland D50 10 DVD sample collection. This enormous collection is available at a reduced price but, obviously, you are welcome to buy the single DVD.




Roland D50 Synthesizer   KONTAKT / EXS24 / WAV



97 Roland D50 sound patches at 24-Bit resolution

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D-50 Sounds Sampled In Budget Collection 004

Below is a list of the D50 sounds which we sampled to create collection 004.

Voices/Patches BANK 002: Memory Card/ROM PN-D50-02 & PN-D50-03:

PN-D50-02 Sounds

BANKS 1 & 2 BANKS 3 & 4 BANKS 5 & 6 BANKS 7 & 8

E11 Synthetic Piano 1
E12 Upright Pianer
E13 Loud Piano
E14 Tack Piano
E15 Synthetic Piano 2
E16 High Piano
E17 Two Part Invention
E18 Harpsichord Coupler
E21 Electric Piano
E22 Xmod Attack E-Piano
E23 Harmonic E-Piano
E24 Reluctant E-Piano
E25 Tines
E26 Old Clav
E27 Painful Clav
E28 Flanging Clav

E31 Guitar Frets
E32 Jazz Guitar
E33 Spanishart
E34 Acoustic Guitar Box
E35 Harp
E36 Koto
E37 Sitar
E38 Hawaiian Palms
E41 Marimba
E42 Xylophone
E43 Glockenspiel
E44 Jamaican Steel
E45 Perc AAAH
E46 Tremolo Brass Bells
E48 Xylo Gate

E51 Samba Drum & Agogo
E52 Drums Set 1
E53 Drums Set 2
E54 Percussion Set 1
E55 Gron Percussion
E56 Bell Tree
E57 Serrengetti
E58 Bellocell
E61 Fingered Bass
E62 Slap Bass 2
E63 Slap It
E64 Picked Bass
E65 Fretless Bass
E66 Acoustic Bass
E67 Synth Bass 2
E68 Slap Bass-Syn Bass

E71 Stringz & Bellz
E72 Bright Wave
E73 Gotham Chords
E74 Wonderwave
E75 Gamelan Bells 2
E76 Ethnic Fifth
E77 Japanese Duo 1
E78 Japanese Duo 2
E82 Jet Wars
E83 Orchestra Hit
E84 Clock Factory
E85 Gunfire-Ricochet
E86 Fast Forward
E87 Air Raid Siren
E88 Sweep Loop on C


PN-D50-03 Sounds

BANKS 1 & 2 BANKS 3 & 4 BANKS 5 & 6 BANKS 7 & 8

F11 String Section
F12 Syn-Strings Hi
F13 Tension Strings
F14 Planetary Strings
F15 Symphony Orchestra
F16 Analog Syn-Strings
F17 Crescendo Strings
F18 Warm Strings Pad
F21 Vibrato Cello
F22 String Quartette
F23 Pizz Typewriter
F24 Strings Horn
F25 Strings Elec Piano
F26 High-Strings Oboe
F27 Cello-Viola Piccolo
F28 Bass-Piano Strings

F31 Powerful Brass
F32 Mute Trumpet
F33 Westerly Brass
F34 Flugel Horn
F35 Eye Brasspad
F36 Trumpetters
F37 Pressure 5th Horns
F38 Pianish Horns
F41 Baritone Saxophone
F42 Silver Saxophone
F43 Saxcessive Tones
F44 Synthesized Sax
F45 Growl Saxophone
F46 Sopranino Sax
F47 Xarmonica
F48 Happy Whistler

F51 Breathy Flute