Roland D50 Sample Collection 003

Roland D50 SynthesizerIn 1987 Roland released the D-50 synthesizer to combat the dominance of Yamahas DX7. The DX7 uses a purely digital form of sound synthesis to create its sounds which were unlike any other synth of the day and many expected Roland to produce something similar. The Roland D-50 was a surprise to most as it offered real instrument sounds, they weren't perfect but they were close enough to be mistaken for the real thing in a mix.

The D50 also produced its sounds digitally but it utilised a sample plus synthesis method rather than the FM (frequency modulation or, rather, phase modulation) used by the Yamaha DX7 (see our Yamaha FS1R and TX802 samples) . Unfortunately the samples were absolutely tiny by todays standards but, at least, the piano actually sounded close enough to a real piano for most bands.


Roland D50 Sample Collection 003

Our third Roland D-50 sample collection consists of sounds taken from the Roland PN-D50-01 Memory Card. We took 4 24-bit samples per octave across over 7 octaves for 63 of the patches (1,966 samples in total). To ensure that we got the very best quality we used professional MOTU studio equipment and took huge samples to ensure good loop points etc. We also used the Roland VariOS with the VC-1 D-50 Card as the outputs had less noise than the original synth. See for a review of the card but please note that, every now and again, we did come across a patch that, we felt, sounded slightly different to the original machine. The difference is hardly noticed in the mix but SOS go to some length to explain that there are no differences - go figure.

Sample collection 003 (details below) is also part of our extremely large Roland D50 10 DVD sample collection. This collection is made available at an enormously reduced price but, of course, you are welcome to buy the single DVD.




Roland D50 Synthesizer   KONTAKT / EXS24 / WAV



64 Roland D50 sound patches at 24-Bit resolution

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D-50 Sounds Sampled In Budget Collection 003

Below is a list of the D50 sounds which we sampled to create collection3.

Voices/Patches BANK 002: Memory Card/ROM PN-D50-01:

BANKS 1 & 2 BANKS 3 & 4 BANKS 5 & 6 BANKS 7 & 8

11 D50-002 Bouncing Bows
12 D50-002 Deep Analog Strings
13 D50-002 Psycho Strings
14 D50-002 Warm Strings
15 D50-002 Deep Strings Ensemble
16 D50-002 Symphony Strings
17 D50-002 Chase Strings Ensemble
18 D50-002 Baroque Strings
21 D50-002 Cello
22 D50-002 Viola
23 D50-002 Solo Violin
24 D50-002 Contra Bass
25 D50-002 Choir & Strings
26 D50-002 Harpsi Strings
27 D50-002 Horns & Strings
28 D50-002 Pulse Pad

31 D50-002 Classical Horn
32 D50-002 Fanfare
33 D50-002 Tuba
34 D50-002 Velo-Brass 2
35 D50-002 Stab Brass
36 D50-002 Mallet Horns
37 D50-002 Slow Brass Sweep
38 D50-002 Slappin Brass
41 D50-002 Tenor Saxophone
42 D50-002 Alto Saxophone
43 D50-002 Soprano Saxophone
44 D50-002 E-Piano & Sopranino
45 D50-002 Wild Blow
46 D50-002 Squeeze de Sax
47 D50-002 Harmonica
48 D50-002 Whistling Soldiers

51 D50-002 Flute-Piccolo
52 D50-002 Oboe
53 D50-002 Bassoon
54 D50-002 Clarinet
55 D50-002 Ocarina
56 D50-002 Breathing Pipe
57 D50-002 Calliope
58 D50-002 Wabi Sabi
61 D50-002 Synth Lead 1
62 D50-002 Synth Lead 2
63 D50-002 Griitttarr 2
64 D50-002 5th Lead Synth
65 D50-002 Analog Solo
66 D50-002 Synth Lead 3
67 D50-002 Gotham Low
68 D50-002 Taj Mahal

71 D50-002 Ham and Organ
72 D50-002 Slow Rotor 2
73 D50-002 Slow to Fast Rotor
74 D50-002 Good & Old Days
75 D50-002 Percussive E-Organ
76 D50-002 Slap Bass & Organ
77 D50-002 Pipe Organ
78 D50-002 Weird Organ
81 D50-002 Star Peace Chorus
82 D50-002 Spacy Voice
83 D50-002 Thinful
84 D50-002 Vox Harmonium
85 D50-002 Android
86 D50-002 Nuns
87 D50-002 Pressure Pad
88 D50-002 Digital Sound