Roland D50 Sample Collection 001

Roland D50 SynthesizerFor us 1987 was an eventful year and while everyone around us seemed to be using the Yamaha DX7 we just hated its sound and it was far too "other worldy" to prograam your own sounds on. We've generally preferred Roland synths for a variety of reasons. Yeah when it said "Piano" above a button you just knew it was going to sound nothing like a real piano but it would be a useful enough sound. Yamaha had a runaway success on its hands with the DX7 (see our Yamaha FS1R and TX802 samples) and Roland needed an answer but they had no equivalent form of synthesis available to them.

In response to Yamahas DX7 Roland's1987 flagship synthesizer, the D-50, was released and what a surprise it was. For the first time Roland was able to offer some pretty realistic sounds due to the sample based synthesis employed by the synth. Yeah the samples were REALLY tiny and really only to be used as an attack part of the sound but the "Piano" preset sounded like a piano. Memory was expensive in 1987 so the sample selection was incredibly small but, with some clever programming, it was possible to create a vast range of sounds. Together with the samples the synth also had a selection of more usual waveforms and resonant filter. While the filter was not as great as that found on earlier synths it had its own sound and that sound was suddenly heard on many hit records. The D-50 spwned artists like Enya (Orinoco Flow) and established artist, such as Jean Michelle Jarre, would use it to write complete albums. Today the Roland D-50 synth remains almost as popular as it was when it first appeared.


Roland D50 Sample Collection 001

Our Roland D-50 sample collection 001 consists of the original bank of sounds found on the new synthesizer. Each patch has been sampled at 24 bits, across more than 7 octaves with 4 notes samples per octave (1,886 samples). The synth was sampled in our recording studio using professional equipment from Mark of the Unicorn (MOTU). For each patch we took long samples so that we could capture the movement in the sound but to also ensure that we could find suitable loop points so that we could loop sounds that were sustained.

Sample collection 001, detailed below, is part of our Roland D50 10 DVD sample collection which is available at a specially discounted price. Of course you are perfectly welcome to buy the single DVD below but we think, that once you look at the 771 patch collection, you'll agree it's excellent value for money and not-to-be-missed. [Please Note: We used the Roland VariOS with the VC-1 D-50 Card for superior sound quality. See].




Roland D50 Synthesizer   KONTAKT / EXS24 / WAV



64 Roland D50 sound patches at 24-Bit resolution

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D-50 Sounds Sampled In Budget Collection 001

Below is a list of the D50 sounds which we sampled to create collection 1.

Voices/Patches BANK 001 (original D-50 preset bank):

BANKS 1 & 2 BANKS 3 & 4 BANKS 5 & 6 BANKS 7 & 8

11 D50-001 Fantasia
12 D50-001 Metal Harp
13 D50-001 Jazz Guitar Duo
14 D50-001 Arco Strings
15 D50-001 Horn Section
16 D50-001 Living Calliope
17 D50-001 D-50 Voices
18 D50-001 Slow Rotor
21 D50-001 Digital Native Dance
22 D50-001 Bass Marimba
23 D50-001 Flute-Piano Duo
24 D50-001 Combie Strings
25 D50-001 Harpsichord Stabs
26 D50-001 Griitttarr
27 D50-001 Nylon Atmosphere
28 D50-001 Synthetic Electric

31 D50-001 Breathy Chiffer
32 D50-001 Gamelan bell
33 D50-001 Slap Brass
34 D50-001 PressureMe Strings
35 D50-001 Rich Brass
36 D50-001 Pipe Solo
37 D50-001 Soundtrack
38 D50-001 Cathedral Organ
41 D50-001 Shamus Theme
42 D50-001 Vibraphone
43 D50-001 Basin Strat Blues
44 D50-001 Pizzagogo
45 D50-001 Flutish Brass
46 D50-001 Pressure Me Lead
47 D50-001 Spacious Sweep
48 D50-001 Piano-Fifty

51 D50-001 Glass Voices
52 D50-001 Hollowed Harp
53 D50-001 Ethnic Session
54 D50-001 Jete Strings
55 D50-001 Stereo Polysynth
56 D50-001 Tine Wave
57 D50-001 Syn-Harmonium
58 D50-001 Rock Organ
61 D50-001 Staccato Heaven
62 D50-001 Oriental Bells
63 D50-001 E-Bass and EPiano
64 D50-001 Legato Strings
65 D50-001 JX Horns-Strings
66 D50-001 Shakuhachi
67 D50-001 Choir
68 D50-001 Picked Guitar Duo

71 D50-001 Nightmare
72 D50-001 Syn Marimba
73 D50-001 Slap Bass n Brass
74 D50-001 String Ensemble
75 D50-001 Velo-Brass
76 D50-001 Digital Cello
77 D50-001 OK Chorale
78 D50-001 Pianissimo
81 D50-001 Intruder FX
82 D50-001 Steel Pick
83 D50-001 Synth Bass
84 D50-001 Afterthought
85 D50-001 Bones
86 D50-001 Bottle Blower
87 D50-001 Future Pad
88 D50-001 PCM E-Piano