Nord Lead Sample Collection 009

Clavia Nord Lead 2X SynthesizerThe Clavia Nord Lead 2X is the prefered model of the Nord Lead range for many, many people. Primarily this is because the 2x has the same digital to analogue convertors as the lead 3, which are 24-bit as compared to only 18-bit on the original Nord Lead and the Nord Lead 2. The massively improved bit-rate means that there is virtually no noise at all and all of the beautiful sounds can be recorded with maximum headroom. Read more about the Clavia Nord Lead 2X


The Nord Lead samples below can be purchased as part of a special 10 DVD set - 990 Nord Lead 2x sound patches sampled at at 24-Bit resolution



Clavia Nord Lead 2X Synthesizer   KONTAKT / EXS24 / WAV


99 Nord Lead 2x sound patches at 24-Bit resolution

PRICE: £9.99

P&P: £1.99 (UK ONLY)

TOTAL: £11.98


Clavia Nord Lead 2x Patches Sampled
8.01 Prowler Bass
8.02 Aurora Borealis
8.03 Crisp-n-Snappy Bass
8.04 Crisp-n-Dark Bass
8.05 Snappy Attack Bass
8.06 Dark-n-Funky Bass
8.07 RUDE Bass
8.08 Euro-Disco Bass
8.09 Velo-Edge Bass
8.10 Skip's Dark Bass
8.11 Secret Mission Bass
8.12 ResoRave Bass
8.13 Solid Snap Bass
8.14 Fun with Wheel Bass
8.15 Solid Cracker Bass
8.16 Mild Buzz Bass
8.17 Wonder Bass
8.18 Stereo Square Bass
8.19 Phunky Chunky Bass
8.20 Happy Clavi Bass
8.21 Hybrid Piano Pad
8.22 Notchy Psycho
8.23 Soft Square Pad
8.24 Bowed String Ensemble
8.25 Solo Violin
8.26 Solo Cello
8.27 Phunky Street Reso-Lead
8.28 Sustain Pluck
8.29 Dirty Sine Pad
8.30 Slave Pad
8.31 Snappy Mello Synth
8.32 Super Stereo Synth Brass
8.33 Stab Synth
8.34 Knocky Electric Piano
8.35 Stereo Synth String Pad
8.36 Delicate Bell
8.37 Noisy Bell
8.38 Alubasium
8.39 Mr.Killer Synth Lead-Bass
8.40 Super Secret Filter Pad
8.41 Tea five
8.42 PWM Repeat Pad
8.43 SAW Rap Lead
8.44 TRI Rap Lead
8.45 Attackforce
8.46 Scritty Nitty
8.47 Happy Res Popper
8.48 BPFilter Funky Velo Clav
8.49 Obi 1 kenobi
8.50 Idaho Snow Pad
8.51 Slow Soft String Pad
8.52 Purple Pad
8.53 Pointed Triangles
8.54 Jazz Guitar
8.55 Slowly in Sync Pad
8.56 ***Only for Techno***
8.57 Harmonisis Pad
8.58 Funky Piano
8.59 Ocean Sunrise 5th. Pad
8.60 Sci-Fi Notch Pad
8.61 Mono Clav with Sustain
8.62 Chubby Pad
8.63 Soft Pluck Bell
8.64 Old Organ w Rotary Sp
8.65 Older Organ w-Rotary Sp
8.66 Slow Growing Pad
8.67 Cricket Pad
8.68 Meep meep
8.69 Delay Techno Res
8.70 Delay Synth Bass
8.71 Delay Techno Squares
8.72 Delay Future Square
8.73 Delay Notch Sawtooth
8.74 Delay NIGHTMARE
8.75 Delay Noises 1
8.76 Delay Noises 2
8.77 Delay Noises 3
8.78 Delay Res Sawtooth
8.79 Tuned Resonance Pad 2
8.80 Monster Lead Saw
8.81 Monster Lead Square
8.82 Pheabee
8.83 Alien Wind
8.84 Velocity Res Synth
8.85 Arppegiated Reso
8.86 Arppegiated Square
8.87 Arppegiated Velo Bass
8.88 Aggrevated S&H
8.89 Strike&Wait
8.90 Velocity HiHat 1
8.91 Velocity HiHat 2
8.92 Velocity HiHat 3
8.93 Velocity HiHat 4
8.94 Velocity HiHat 5
8.95 Snappy Tuned Res
8.96 Noize Snare
8.97 909 Kick 1 C3
8.98 909 Kick 2
8.99 909 Kick 3


About our Nord Lead Samples

Our samples are taken from a Nord Rack 2X . They were recorded in our Pro Studio using the finest pro audio equipment. The reason why we are able to offer this sample collection at such a low price is that we have only taken two samples per octave, rather than the 12 which we usually take for our pro sample packs.

Each of the 99 patches, one complete bank, have been sampled across six octaves to allow for bass sounds to be used as leads and vice-versa. So 6 octaves at 2 samples per octaves means that this sample collection is made up of nearly 3,000 individual 24-bit samples.

Each sample collection includes patches for Kontakt and EXS24 samplers as well as the .wav files which almost all samplers (hardware and software) accept and which you can access to make your own multi layer patches if you so wish.