Nord Lead Sample Collection 001

Clavia Nord Lead 2X SynthesizerThe Clavia Nord Lead 2X is the prefered model of the Nord Lead range for many, many people. Primarily this is because the 2x has the same digital to analogue convertors as the lead 3, which are 24-bit as compared to only 18-bit on the original Nord Lead and the Nord Lead 2. The massively improved bit-rate means that there is virtually no noise at all and all of the beautiful sounds can be recorded with maximum headroom. Read more about the Clavia Nord Lead 2X


The Nord Lead samples below can be purchased as part of a special 10 DVD set - 990 Nord Lead 2x sound patches sampled at at 24-Bit resolution



Clavia Nord Lead 2X Synthesizer   KONTAKT / EXS24 / WAV


99 Nord Lead 2x sound patches at 24-Bit resolution

PRICE: £9.99

P&P: £1.99 (UK ONLY)

TOTAL: £11.98


Clavia Nord Lead 2x Patches Sampled
01 Clearly for Techno
02 And God made Resonance
03 Delay Synth Brass
04 Dark Stereo Pad
05 Dark DUB Bass
06 The MadMan Reso Synth
07 Vibe Bell
08 Skywalker 1
09 Deep Purple
10 Trekker
11 Flange gtr
12 Billibass
13 Tuned Resonance Pad 1
14 Stereo Perk Pad
15 Clearly the Bell
16 ResoRoto
17 LFO Squares
18 Arpeggiate Me!
19 VEL Soundtrack
20 Glass Voices
21 Plucky Pad
22 Velo REZO
23 Slow Swello
24 Introspection Pad
25 Funky Talk
26 Filtered Strings
27 Smooth Pad
28 CyberFunk Clav
29 Angel Pad
30 Chime Pad
31 The Calling
32 Synth Rise
33 Stardust FM
34 Metallic Synth
35 Rude SQU
36 Drama Pad
37 SQU Lite
38 Subtle Pad
39 Dramatic Sweep
40 Vinyl Opera
41 Techno Synth 1
42 Techno Synth 2
43 Scritti Plucky
44 Velo Comp Synth
45 SAW Keys
46 SEQ Pulse Synth 1
47 Talking REZ
48 Rodney J SAWS
49 SEQ Pulse Synth 2
50 Synth Brass Section
51 Dirty SAW Techno
52 Hi-Pass VEL Synth
53 Synth Comp Pluck
54 Old School Synth
55 Rising REZ Pad
56 Techno SAW Comp
57 Heavy REZ
58 Funky Pick
59 Legato REZ
60 Velocity SAW
61 RAVE synth
62 Stevie's Comp
63 Phase Synth
64 Old School Synth 2
65 PWM Clav
66 SEQ Polysynth
67 Poppy SQU Synth
68 Teddy's Talkbox
69 VEL Rez Bass
70 D&B Bass
71 VEL Fuzz Bass
72 One Or One Bass
73 DRE Bass (use wheel)
74 Dodger Bass
75 Funk REZ Bass
76 TRI REZ Bass
77 U Know Bass
78 SQU VEL Rez Bass
79 SAW REZ Bass
80 2 Step Bass
81 Punctuating Bass
82 Low End
83 Picked Bass
84 Funk FM Bass
85 FM Bass
86 Spike Bass
87 Smooth Bass
88 Flimsy Bass
89 FM FunKeys
90 IV DisCHORD Pad
91 Mini Lead 1
92 Funk REZ Lead
93 TRI VEL Lead
94 REZ Mini Lead
95 Mini Lead 2
96 Mini Lead 3
97 Synce'd Up!
98 Cutting Edge Saws
99 Organesque


About our Nord Lead Samples

Our samples are taken from a Nord Rack 2X . They were recorded in our Pro Studio using the finest pro audio equipment. The reason why we are able to offer this sample collection at such a low price is that we have only taken two samples per octave, rather than the 12 which we usually take for our pro sample packs.

Each of the 99 patches, one complete bank, have been sampled across six octaves to allow for bass sounds to be used as leads and vice-versa. So 6 octaves at 2 samples per octaves means that this sample collection is made up of nearly 3,000 individual 24-bit samples.

Each sample collection includes patches for Kontakt and EXS24 samplers as well as the .wav files which almost all samplers (hardware and software) accept and which you can access to make your own multi layer patches if you so wish.