Korg Triton Sample Collection 005

Korg Triton SynthesizerPictured to the left is a Korg Triton Rack which is the model we used to create our huge sample collection (mentioned below). For this Korg Triton Sample pack we used the Concert Grand Piano expansion but we added a couple of patches which we decided to sample every note. We also included some more general synth patches. Read more about the Korg Triton Synth

The Korg Triton samples below can be purchased individually or as part of a special (heavily discounted) 10 DVD set - 1277 Korg Triton sound patches sampled at at 24-Bit resolution

Korg Triton BUDGET SAMPLE PACK 005 (DVD 5 OF 10)

Korg Triton Synthesizer   KONTAKT / EXS24 / WAV


69 Korg Triton sound patches at 24-Bit resolution

PRICE: £9.99

P&P: £1.99 (UK ONLY)

TOTAL: £11.98


Korg Triton Patches Sampled (consisting of the Concert Grand Piano expansion in the Rack version)
B075 CelestialSweeper
B076 ReversePad
B077 Swept Away
B078 BOMB Pad (slow)
B079 Royal Padding
B080 Airwave Ribbon+
B081 Velo Detuner
B082 Attack Decay
B083 Anthem Tool 1
B084 See - Saw
B085 Vertigo
B086 BlockedNose Knb1
B087 SimpleSQbBassSW1
B088 DynoWAVES
B089 DreamPunk Synth
B090 Resinator
B091 Bright SQ
B092 MemoryLoss 1
B093 Star Bright
B094 MonolithicMayhem
B095 Berliner
B096 Anthem Tool 3
B097 Big Wave Synth
B098 TrancePiano
B099 MorphinAnaPiano
B100 Toxicology
B101 Virtual Square
B102 Big,Fat, & Juicy
B103 EPIC Melodic
B104 Velocity Pad 1
B105 Wah Synth 2
B106 StereoBrassWave
B107 MemoryLoss 2
B108 BuzzzWorthy
B109 MorphyJuno
C000 C. Grand Piano
C001 Euro Grand [VS]
C002 Nu'Coustic Grand
C003 Piano&AnaStrings
C004 <Glassy Stack>
C005 Star Piano
C006 DanceFloor Grand
C007 Special Forte
C008 SGProXRockPiano
C009 ClassySwtchPiano
C010 BrightLongPiano
C011 GrandJazzPiano
C012 Nu'Coustic [VS]
C013 [Big Pop-Grand]
C014 Velo Piano ST
C015 Studio Piano
C016 Rockin' Piano
C017 Euro Grand
C018 Bright A.Piano
C019 BrightGrandPiano
C020 Power Piano
C021 Piano & Strings
C022 Piano&SynthPal
C023 Piano&SubtleOne
C024 Soft Piano Stack
C025 Snowy Piano
C026 PopBallad Piano1
C027 PopBallad Piano2
C028 POP Piano
C029 Ultra Pop Piano
C030 Euro Pop Piano
C031 Tekno.Pop.Piano
C032 C. Grand Piano
C033 Euro Grand [VS]
C034 Velo Piano ST


About our Korg Triton Samples

Our Korg Triton samples are all sampled at 24-bit using MOTU 2408 mk3 audio interfaces. Although this collection is part of our budget range (where we sample two notes per octave) we decided to include the Concert Grand Piano patch with every single note sampled and we did the same with the Euro Grand [VS] and Nu'Coustic Grand piano patches. Because the number of patches on the Concert Grand Piano expansion is small we added a small number of more general sounding synthesizer patches but if you buy our complete collection you will find that you have a massive 1,277 24-bit Korg Triton patches sampled