Korg Triton Sample Collection 004

Korg Triton SynthesizerOf all the instruments we own our Korg Triton Rack is one of the most versatile. In many ways it can be compared to a high quality sampler because the powerful synth engine can be applied to your own samples, those built in or those made available on the various Korg expansions (our favourite is the Vintage Archives) The synthesiser is capable of producing extremely useful sounds suitable for virtually any genre of music and it seen often on stage even today. Read more about the Korg Triton Synth

The Korg Triton samples below can be purchased individually or as part of a special (heavily discounted) 10 DVD set - 1277 Korg Triton sound patches sampled at at 24-Bit resolution

Korg Triton BUDGET SAMPLE PACK 004 (DVD 4 OF 10)

Korg Triton Synthesizer   KONTAKT / EXS24 / WAV


128 Korg Triton sound patches at 24-Bit resolution

PRICE: £9.99

P&P: £1.99 (UK ONLY)

TOTAL: £11.98


Korg Triton Patches Sampled (consisting of the Programs of factory bank D in the Rack version)
D000 d Ribbon Morpher
D001 d Super Grand
D002 d Raggae Gtr Hit
D003 d PizzicatoSection
D004 d UGLY HoUSe Kit
D005 s Rhythmic E.Gtr
D006 d Dirty Man Bass
D007 d Killer BX-3 Organ
D008 d Ultra Res. Sweep
D009 d Power Brass
D010 d Just Do It!!!
D011 d Dream Voices
D012 d Octo Lead
D013 s Warm Shakuhachi
D014 d Cinema Pad
D015 s Kalimba Soft
D016 d Thunderlog
D017 d Club E.Piano
D018 d Symphonic Waves
D019 d X-Synced
D020 d Tamborine Dream
D021 d Joystick Gtr(-Y)
D022 d Fretless Snap
D023 d Overdrive BX3
D024 d That Heaven Vibe
D025 d DynaBrassStereo2
D026 d Distant Lights
D027 d OohSlow VoicesST
D028 d Electro Lead
D029 d WarPipes
D030 d Pods In The Pad
D031 d Finger Cymbal
D032 d SynthPianoid
D033 d Chorus Piano
D034 d Cyber Choir
D035 d Rich Lead
D036 d Djembe-Log Drum
D037 d Guitarish
D038 d Hybrid Bass
D039 d Good Old "B"
D040 d Analog Pad
D041 d French Horn Sect
D042 d Vanishing Planet
D043 d Classic Vox
D044 d BrightPulseLead
D045 d Digi Layer
D046 d OutOfTheClouds
D047 d Garbage Mallets
D048 d Band Passed
D049 d Stereo Digi
D050 d Rhythm Rezonator
D051 d Syn Pipes
D052 d *SpaceShip*
D053 d Time Machines
D054 s Thumb Bass
D055 d Dirty Jazz Organ
D056 d Lonley Sphinx
D057 d The Avenger
D058 d Bad Weather
D059 d Cript-on
D060 d Thin AnaLead
D061 d Wacky A.Bass
D062 d Virtual Traveler
D063 d Digi-Bell
D064 d Cat Lead (-Y)
D065 d Classic Tines
D066 d SharpBottleBlow
D067 s Dance Lead
D068 d Piano Layers
D069 d Filter Gate
D070 d Digi Bass 2
D071 d Rotary Organ
D072 d Electrik Brass
D073 d Frozen Glaciers
D074 d Warm Flugel Horn
D075 d Wispy Dry Wind
D076 d RibbonYoHeadOff!
D077 d Pipe Tutti
D078 d Syn Ghostly
D079 d Warm Steel Drums
D080 d Solar Surfing
D081 d Splat Slap
D082 d Rhythmnosis
D083 d The Mandolin
D084 d Crazy Wah Wah
D085 d Square Wave Lead
D086 s Fretless Bass 2
D087 d Old VOX Legend
D088 d Freedom Pad
D089 d Classic Digi
D090 d Loonie Bin
D091 d ResRes One
D092 d Unholy Water
D093 s Shirk Hit
D094 d Lava Lakes
D095 s E.Bass Finger 3
D096 d Old Portamento
D097 d Mutant Clav
D098 d Random Pulsator
D099 d Mini Lead
D100 d DWGS E.Piano
D101 d Rhythm Of Life
D102 d SuperSwtch Bass2
D103 d Full Pipes
D104 s Metal SlowPad
D105 s BeBop Cornet
D106 d Cosmic Waves
D107 d Fluttering EP
D108 d AMSFeedbackLead
D109 d Tomorrow's Pad
D110 d BPM Filter Sweep
D111 d Small Harp
D112 d Dark Element
D113 d Silky Digi EP
D114 d Moon Talker
D115 d Sitar-Tamboura
D116 d Rave Volutionary
D117 d Hubble Pad
D118 s DynaThumb Bass
D119 d "Flauto" Pipes
D120 d Noble Brite Pad
D121 d Fugue In L.F.O.
D122 d Black Box
D123 d Station Of Waves
D124 d R&B Lead
D125 d Motion Ocean
D126 d Tight Brass 2
D127 d Moon Cycles


About our Korg Triton Samples

The 24-bit Triton samples, for this collection, were recorded using our professional recording studio. Being one of our budget sample collections, each patch consists of 2 samples per octave (2,104 samples in total). When using our samples we advise that you make these sounds your own. With Kontakt 5 this is so easy to do and the number of new patches you can create from just one of our patches is endless. Applying a filter will have the most dramatic effect upon the sound but we prefer to use more subtle techniques to enhance the sound and our most favourite trick is to apply a small amount of tube enhancement, analog chorus or other analog effects BUT they sound best when used only slightly (otherwise they change the sound so much that the "essence" of the sampled synthesizer is lost, or at least diminished considerably). Of course reverb and analog or tape delay always works wonders to any synthesisier patch and these effects are usually applied too liberally, but everyone will agree that it's great fun.