Korg Triton Sample Collection 003

Korg Triton SynthesizerThe Korg Triton remains a popular instrument with keyboardists creating a huge range of genres. One aspect of the Triton is often overlooked and that is the ability to use it as a hardware sampler. It is possible to use the Triton sound engine to create instrument patches using your own sounds or a mix of your own with Triton samples. Read more about the Korg Triton Synth

The Korg Triton samples below can be purchased individually or as part of a special (heavily discounted) 10 DVD set - 1277 Korg Triton sound patches sampled at at 24-Bit resolution

Korg Triton BUDGET SAMPLE PACK 003 (DVD 3 OF 10)

Korg Triton Synthesizer   KONTAKT / EXS24 / WAV


127 Korg Triton sound patches at 24-Bit resolution

PRICE: £9.99

P&P: £1.99 (UK ONLY)

TOTAL: £11.98


Korg Triton Patches Sampled (consisting of the Programs of factory bank C in the Rack version)
C000 d Techno Phonic
C001 d Warm E.Grand
C002 d Rave <Ribbon>
C003 d Stereo Strings 2
C004 d WAcKy HiPHop Kit
C005 d Spanish Guitar
C006 d Phat Bass
C007 d Dirty "B"
C008 d Super Sweeper
C009 d DynaBrassStereo1
C010 d <ReverseVoxBox>
C011 d Vocalscaping
C012 d Sine Switcher
C013 d Breathy BariSax
C014 d Stereo WaveSweep
C015 d Mallet Clocker
C016 d PowerRezSweep
C017 d Pro-Stage EP
C018 d Motion Raver
C019 s Rosin Strings
C020 d Nasty TRicKy Kit
C021 d Nu Strat
C022 d A.Bass Buzzing
C023 d Perky Tonewheels
C024 d DigitalThroats 1
C025 s Trombone Soft
C026 d Video Blaster
C027 d Grand Choir
C028 d A leadload
C029 d Soft TenorSax
C030 d Cyclic X-Fades
C031 d Breathy Bells
C032 d Auto Groove
C033 d Piano Pad 2
C034 d Techno Stat
C035 s Viola Solo
C036 d D'n'B Gate Kit
C037 d SingleCoil+Piezo
C038 d SynBassRes
C039 d Superdark Organ
C040 d Goliath's Waves
C041 d Blind as a Bat
C042 d Rave Stabz
C043 d Oooh Choir
C044 d X-Mod Raver
C045 d Breathy AltoSax
C046 d Spectrum Alloy
C047 d Log Drum & Bells
C048 d Square Rez FastSynth
C049 d Dark and Warm
C050 d Old Record Hit 1
C051 d Ensemble & Solo
C052 d Tiny Perc. Kit
C053 d CountryNuStrings
C054 s Slap Bass v-s
C055 d Jazz Organ 2
C056 d Harmonic Pad
C057 d Tubas Gold
C058 d Birds & Bugs
C059 d Aah Choir
C060 d Busy Sync
C061 s Warm Oboe
C062 d Stereo Rez Sweep
C063 s GlassBell Bright
C064 d Raunchy Brass
C065 d Piano&String-Pad
C066 d Old Record Hit 2
C067 d String World
C068 s Gamelan Gong
C069 d Super Clean Gtr
C070 s Digi Bass 1
C071 d Perc-2ndHarmonic
C072 d Sweeper Strings
C073 d BrassSlow Stereo
C074 d Dirty Wounds
C075 s Choir Mmh
C076 d Sync Kronicity
C077 d Classic Flute
C078 d Water is Deep
C079 s Digital Bells 2
C080 d Dual Filterz
C081 d Classic Wurly
C082 d Organ Impact
C083 d Violin & Viola
C084 d Psycho Pitch Kit
C085 d CleanMute-Guitar
C086 d Fretless Switch
C087 d BX3 Short Decay
C088 d Cross Sweeper
C089 d Trombones Brass
C090 d Cosmic Toys
C091 d DigitalThroats 2
C092 d Fire Wave
C093 s Wooden Flute
C094 d Smoothy Pad
C095 d Hybrid Bell
C096 d Square Snaps
C097 d Clav Snap
C098 d Golithanic Stab
C099 d ComponentStrings
C100 d Jazzy Pitch Kit
C101 d Fingertips12 Gtr
C102 d Reso Bass
C103 d Super BX Perc
C104 d Ghostly Strings
C105 d Attack Brass ST
C106 d Compu-shift
C107 d Ooh-Aah VoicesST
C108 d Grain Board
C109 d Bari Blaster
C110 d JS-Ribbon Pad
C111 d Ribbon Rhythm
C112 d Power Saw
C113 d Reson Piano
C114 d Pop Guitar Hit
C115 d Analog Velvet
C116 d KING<>KONG Kit
C117 d Arpeggio Guitar
C118 s E.Bass Finger 2
C119 d Organ Positive
C120 d Mellow Movie Pad
C121 d Movie Brass
C122 d One Note Stories
C123 d Ether Voices
C124 d Brian's Sync
C125 s PanFlute
C126 d Glass Vox
C127 d Bottle-Bell


About our Korg Triton Samples

Our Triton samples were recorded using the 24-bit equipment in our professional recording studio. As part of our range of buget sample collections this single DVD set consists of 2,286 individual 24-bit samples. Each patch (listed above) has 2 samples per octave which creates highly useful results. Our premier collections are created by sampling every single tone and semitone to ensure total accuracy. This method is usually employed when we are sampling old analogue synthesizers because, sometimes, the tone can change every semitone but, most of all, sampling every note ensures that we capture the essence of the subject synth. When sampling digital synths using the 2 samples per octave is perfectly acceptable as the sound/timbre is much more consistent across the length of the keyboard. If you want to make our samples sound "more analogue" this can be achieved by adding a small amount of random LFO to to the fine pitch because one of the most common problems with analogue is that the tuning drifts. It is always best to apply as little of the effect as possible so that you do not really notice it until you turn the effect off.