Korg Triton Sample Collection 002

Korg Triton SynthesizerThe Korg Triton Rack is an incredible box of tricks which brings cheer to any keyboardist. Tritons of various models are still regularly used by professionals and you are likely to spot one on any TV show on which a live band appears, such as UB40 on Later With Jools Holland. Read more about the Korg Triton Synth

The Korg Triton samples below can be purchased individually or as part of a special (heavily discounted) 10 DVD set - 1277 Korg Triton sound patches sampled at at 24-Bit resolution

Korg Triton BUDGET SAMPLE PACK 002 (DVD 2 OF 10)

Korg Triton Synthesizer   KONTAKT / EXS24 / WAV


128 Korg Triton sound patches at 24-Bit resolution

PRICE: £9.99

P&P: £1.99 (UK ONLY)

TOTAL: £11.98


Korg Triton Patches Sampled (consisting of the Programs of factory bank B in the Rack version)
B000 d Synth Sweeper
B001 d Attack Piano
B002 d StaccatoPizzHit
B003 d Octave Strings
B004 d Jazz-Brush Kits
B005 d FingertipsGuitar
B006 d Dark R&B Bass
B007 d Old Tone-Wheel
B008 d The Pad SlowSynth
B009 d Brass Expression
B010 d PiezoMix Guitar
B011 d Slow Choir ST
B012 d Phat Saw Lead
B013 d Old Shakuhachi
B015 d Velo Kalimba
B016 d Future Syn Pad
B017 d Dyno Tine EP
B018 d Brass Impact Hit
B019 s String Quartet
B020 d Processed Kit
B021 s Vintage Stratt
B022 s Fretless Bass
B023 d Tekno Organ
B024 d Brass Pad
B025 s Muted Trumpet
B026 d Fisa Americana
B027 d Vocalesque
B028 d Glide Lead
B029 d TenorSax Brth.-Y
B030 d Transformation
B031 s Thin Bell-s-park
B032 d Pop Synth Pad
B033 d Piano Pad
B034 d Karma Sutra
B035 d Symphonic Bows
B036 d Standard Kit 2
B037 d Amp D. Guitar
B038 d 30303 Square
B039 d Sine DWGS-Organ
B040 d Simple Sine Pad
B041 d Octave Brass Exp
B042 d CyborgFactoryHit
B043 s E.G. Harmonics
B044 s Auto Pilot
B045 d BambuSilverFlute
B046 d Dolphin Ride
B047 s Marimba
B048 d Gliding Squares
B049 d Night Tines EP
B050 d Mondo'Rimba
B051 d HybridStrg-Choir
B052 d Cymbals Kit
B053 d Funkin' Guitar
B054 d Poinker Bass
B055 d Gospel Organ
B056 d HarpsyKorg 8'+4'
B057 d Horns & Ensemble
B058 d The Great Wall
B059 d Full Vox Pad
B060 s Musette
B061 d AltoSax1 Growl-Y
B062 s E.Bass Pick 1
B063 d Magical Bells
B064 d SynthBrass
B065 s Classic Piano
B066 d Big Hit in India
B067 s Solo Violin
B068 d Drum'n'Bass
B069 d Strato-Chime
B070 d Digi Syn Bass
B071 d Classic Click
B072 d DJ Touch
B073 d Big Band Plunger
B074 d New Voyage
B075 d Arctic Voices
B076 d Goa Message
B077 s English Horn
B078 s E.Bass Pick 2
B079 d Tropico Bells
B080 d Mega Big Synth
B081 d Vintage EP
B082 d Space Pod for 2
B083 d Indian Stars
B084 d Dragon Gong
B085 d Feedback D. Gtr.
B086 d Sweet Fretless
B087 d Percussion BX3
B088 d Dark Night
B089 d Trombone Ens.
B090 d Marc Tree
B091 d Take Voices
B092 d Fisa Cassotto
B093 s Bassoon
B094 s PedalSteelGuitar
B095 s Koto
B096 d Rezzo Release
B097 d Sticky Rez Clav
B098 d Hit Me 2 Times!!
B099 d Santur
B100 d BD&SD Kit 2
B101 d Old 12-String
B102 d Ramp Jungle Bass
B103 d Killer B
B104 d L-R Piano
B105 d Trumpet Ens.
B106 d MotionSoundTrack
B107 d Processed E.Gtr.
B108 d Fat Syn Sync
B109 d Spitz Bottle
B110 d MixFisaMaster 3
B111 d Future Bell
B112 d Flute Pad
B113 d Hybrid Digi
B114 d Harp
B115 s Harmonica
B116 d Percussion Kit
B117 d Dynamic E.Guitar
B118 d Decayed Bass
B119 d Church Pipes
B120 d Digital Bells
B121 d Classic Fanfare
B122 d Hemispheres
B123 d Indian Frets Gtr
B124 d Film Brass
B125 s Jazz Clarinet
B126 d Pro-Dyno EP
B127 d Tinkle Bells


About our Korg Triton Samples

All of our Triton samples were recorded in our professional recording studio using 24-bit analog to digital converters. This collection is part of our budget range of sample collections and, as such, they consist of two samples per octave and, for this collection. we took 2,333 samples and mapped them for Apples EXS24 sampler and Native Instruments Kontakt sampler (version 5 advised).

Although our collection is designed for users of Kontakt and EXS24 we have also included the wav files so that our collection can be used in any sampler, hardware or software. Also it is worth noting that each patch can contribute to your own sample patches and you can radically change the timbre of each patch creating various hybrid sounds.