Korg Triton Sample Collection 001

Korg Triton SynthesizerThe Korg Triton is as amazing as Doctor Who's T.A.R.D.I.S. simply because it is so much bigger on the inside than on the outside. Inside there are sockets for sample ram (as it is a fully functional, and rather impressive, sampler), a selection of slots for expansions (we have Studeo Essentials, Concert Grand Piano, Dance Extreme, Trance Attack and our favourite, Vintage Archives and all have been sampled and are available below. Read more about the Korg Triton Synth

The Korg Triton samples below can be purchased individually or as part of a special (heavily discounted) 10 DVD set - 1277 Korg Triton sound patches sampled at at 24-Bit resolution

Korg Triton BUDGET SAMPLE PACK 001 (DVD 1 OF 10)

Korg Triton Synthesizer   KONTAKT / EXS24 / WAV


127 Korg Triton sound patches at 24-Bit resolution

PRICE: £9.99

P&P: £1.99 (UK ONLY)

TOTAL: £11.98


Korg Triton Patches Sampled (consisting of the Programs of factory bank A in the Rack version)
A000 d Noisy Stabber
A001 s Acoustic Piano
A002 d Chipper Dayglow
A003 d Legato Strings
A004 d ! {Tricky} Kit
A005 d Acoustic Guitar
A006 d Nasty Bass
A007 d BX3 Vel Switch
A008 d Rez. Down
A009 d Fat Brass
A010 d <Techno Vox Box>
A011 d Fresh Breath
A012 d Smooth Sine Lead
A013 d Sax Ensemble
A014 d Swirling Dreams
A015 d Monkey Skulls
A016 d Metalic Rez
A017 d Studio Stage EP
A018 d Flip Blip
A019 d Camera Strings
A020 d House Kit
A021 d Chorus E.Guitar
A022 s Acoustic Bass
A023 d M1 Organ
A024 d Digi Ice Pad
A025 s Trumpet
A026 d Sonic Blast
A027 d Choir of Light
A028 d Rezbo
A029 d TenorSax Growl-Y
A030 d Tinklin' Pad
A031 d VS Bell Boy
A032 d Power Snap Synth
A033 d Romance Piano
A034 d Arp Angeles
A035 d Arco Strings
A036 d Standard Kit
A037 d Wet Dist. Guitar
A038 d 30303 Mega Bass
A039 d Dark Jazz-Organ
A040 d Clouds of Air
A041 d SFZ Brass ST
A042 d Loop-Iteria
A043 d Oooh Voices ST
A044 d HipHop Lead
A045 s Flute
A046 d Sinistar*Android
A047 d Log Drum
A048 d Rez. Sweep
A049 d R&B E.Piano
A050 d Arp Twins
A051 d PizzAnsamble
A052 d Psycho KitDrums
A053 s Vox Wah Chicks
A054 d SuperSwitch Bass
A055 d Jazz Organ 1
A056 d Ravelian Pad
A057 d Classic F.Horn
A058 d Monster Island
A059 d Aaah Voices ST
A060 d Trancer Lead
A061 d AltoSax2Breath-Y
A062 d Crimson 5ths
A063 d Moving Bellz
A064 d Ana Brass-Lead
A065 d 90s Piano
A066 d Wild Arp
A067 d Stereo Strings
A068 d HipHop Kit
A069 s Jazz Guitar
A070 d Euro 8va Bass
A071 d Distortion Organ
A072 d Tsunami Waves
A073 d Glen & The Boys
A074 d Steam Sweeps
A076 d Old & Analog
A077 s DoubleReed
A078 d Aqua Phonics
A079 s Ensemble Bell
A080 d Cosmic Furnace
A081 d Velo Whirly
A082 d Techno Organ Hit
A083 d Few Bows Here
A084 d Mega Drum Hit
A085 d Mute Monster
A086 d Stein Bass
A087 d Perc Short Decay
A088 d Antartic Wind
A089 s Trombone Hard
A090 d Orbiting Probes
A091 d Phantom Of Tine
A092 d Seq DDL Lead
A093 d BariSax Growl -Y
A094 d Percussive Hits
A095 d Vibraphone
A096 d Digital PolySix
A097 s Clav
A098 d Goa Lover
A099 d AnalogStrings1&2
A100 d BD&SD Kit 1
A101 d Nylon Guitar
A102 d Jungle Rez Bass
A103 d Full Drawbars
A104 d Money Pad
A105 d Burnin' Brass
A106 d VenusianStories
A107 s SynPiano X
A108 d Syncro City
A109 s Recorder
A110 d Astral Dreams
A111 d Bali Gamelon
A112 d Super Saw Brass
A113 d Sweeping EP
A114 d Jungle Melody
A115 d WatcherOfTheSky
A116 d Orchestra&Ethnic
A117 d Power-Chords&FX
A118 s E.Bass Finger
A119 d Pipe Mixture
A120 d {(Meditate})
A121 d Tight Brass
A122 d Soundscapes
A123 d Sitar Sitar
A124 d Espress Lead
A125 d SopranoSax Br.-Y
A126 d Flying Machines
A127 d Krystal Bells


About our Korg Triton Samples

All of our samples were taken, using a Korg Triton Rack, in our Pro Studio using the finest 24-bit audio equipment. The reason why we are able to offer this sample collection at such a low price is that we have only taken two samples per octave, rather than the 12 which we usually take for our pro sample packs, doing this saves a great deal of time and space.

Each of the patches, one complete bank, have been sampled across six octaves to allow for bass sounds to be used as leads and vice-versa. So 6 octaves at 2 samples per octaves means that this sample collection is made up of 2741 individual 24-bit samples.

Each sample collection includes patches for Kontakt and EXS24 samplers as well as the .wav files which almost all samplers (hardware and software) accept and which you can access to make your own multi layer patches if you so wish. We also advise that you spend some time with our samples and use the facilities of your sampler to create new and interesting sounds. Using Kontakt 5 you can simply open up the editor and copy the group (of samples) and copy them into a new sampler instrument or you can simply save your edited file using a slightly different name, let us say you use the A000 d Noisy Stabber instrument and add a 3-pole ladder filter and a flexible envelope as a modulator you can create an enormous selection of patches from just that set of samples alone. If you use to copy the group over you can mix and match a variety of samples to create a thick (some say phatt) sounding synth using a variety of filters and envelopes. All you need do is save the patch as say A000 d Noisy Stabber 3PLP 01 by using such a format you can clearly see the sample set "Noisy Stabber" and that the patch is using a 3-pole (18db) low pass filter. Unfortunately it takes a great deal of time and effort to create these samples so we simply do not have the time to create a vast selection of sounds from each patch but we strongly suggest that you spend some time learning about your sampler and create some sounds which have not yet been heard. If you get stuck just send in an email and we will see if we can help. We may, at a much later date, create some simple videos to show how to use are Korg Triton samples to the absolute max.