Korg DW8000 Sample Collection 010

Korg DW8000Below is a complete list of the Korg DW8000 sound patches which appear on DVD 1 of our 10 DVD collection. The Korg DW8000 synth was a "digital hybrid" synthesizer, which simply means that the synth has digital waveforms and analogue filters and amplifiers. From a selection of just 16 DWGS (Digital Waveform Generator System) a huge selection of varied sounds could be achieved as, in the past, waveforms had been limited to the usual analogue waveforms (saw, square/pulse and possibly triange and sine). Read more about the Korg DW8000 Synth

The Korg DW8000 samples below can be purchased individually or as part of a special (heavily discounted) 10 DVD set - Nearly 700 Korg DW8000 sound patches sampled at 24-Bit resolution

Korg DW8000 BUDGET SAMPLE PACK 001 (DVD 10 OF 10)

Korg DW8000   KONTAKT / EXS24 / WAV


64 Korg DW8000 sound patches at 24-Bit resolution

PRICE: £9.99

P&P: £1.99 (UK ONLY)

TOTAL: £11.98


Korg DW8000 Patches Sampled

Walt 1-1 Piano
Walt 1-2 Electric piano
Walt 1-3 Brass ensemble
Walt 1-4 Legato muted strings
Walt 1-5 Organ
Walt 1-6 Synth voices
Walt 1-7 Big sawtooth thing
Walt 1-8 Unison bass
Walt 2-1 Muted piano
Walt 2-2 Mellow electric piano
Walt 2-3 Brass
Walt 2-4 Fast strings
Walt 2-5 Organ 2
Walt 2-6 Upbending synth voices
Walt 2-7 Saxophone?
Walt 2-8 Synth unison bass
Walt 3-1 Flanged piano
Walt 3-2 High electric piano
Walt 3-3 Gag upbending brass
Walt 3-4 Strings
Walt 3-5 Resonance organ
Walt 3-6 High voices
Walt 3-7 Harmonica
Walt 3-8 Bright pianobass

Walt 4-1 Detuned piano
Walt 4-2 Hard bell electric piano
Walt 4-3 Muted brass
Walt 4-4 Tremolo strings
Walt 4-5 Percussive-attack organ
Walt 4-6 Resonant high voices
Walt 4-7 Lower hot brass
Walt 4-8 Brighter synth unison bass
Walt 5-1 Flanged piano
Walt 5-2 Muted electric piano
Walt 5-3 Hot brass!
Walt 5-4 Arco strings
Walt 5-5 Bell-attack organ
Walt 5-6 Synth harpsichord
Walt 5-7 Flute-like thing
Walt 5-8 Portamento lead
Walt 6-1 Hard vibe
Walt 6-2 Synth hit 1
Walt 6-3 Sawtooth synth brass
Walt 6-4 Big synth strings
Walt 6-5 Tutti organ
Walt 6-6 Marginal electric guitar
Walt 6-7 Synth flute
Walt 6-8 Sawtooth lead

Walt 7-1 Toy piano
Walt 7-2 Synth hit 2
Walt 7-3 Bells
Walt 7-4 Slow synth strings
Walt 7-5 Pipe organ
Walt 7-6 Hot synth strings
Walt 7-7 Harpsichord
Walt 7-8 Portamento square-lead
Walt 8-1 Pseudo- harpsichord
Walt 8-2 Synth hit 3
Walt 8-3 Synth hit 4
Walt 8-4 Weird SFX 1
Walt 8-5 Weird SFX 2
Walt 8-6 Sleeping giant
Walt 8-7 Modulated noise
Walt 8-8 Weird SFX 3